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Take the fastest path to a successful SAP HANA implementation

Achieve a low-cost, low-risk SAP HANA implementation. Explore our flexible deployment options and learn how to size your SAP HANA server and workload. Browse comprehensive installation resources or consider engaging our partners for assistance. And find out how SAP services and training can help you operate SAP HANA at peak performance.
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Create an SAP HANA implementation blueprint


Install or upgrade your SAP HANA landscape


Make sure SAP HANA runs at peak performance


A successful SAP HANA implementation starts with a detailed plan. Here are some key considerations and jumping off points as you develop your road map.
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Free SAP HANA Trial

Get started with a free developer edition of SAP HANA, subscribe to a starter edition, or browse the SAP HANA app center to try (or buy) SAP and partner solutions developed on the SAP Cloud Platform.


Sizing, or translating business requirements into hardware requirements, is critical to a successful implementation. Here’s how to size your server and workload in a way that balances performance and cost.

Deployment Options

Not sure which deployment option will best suit your organization’s needs? Learn about the different ways you can deploy SAP HANA: on premise, in a managed or third-party cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


Ready to install? We have certified partners, co-innovation programs, and information-rich resources that can help.
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Support your SAP HANA installation with our comprehensive resources – including how-to guides and technical manuals. You can also find guidance for operations and beyond.

Implementation Partners

Learn about using the expertise of our certified partners. They can help you seamlessly implement your SAP HANA environment – regardless of your company size or industry.


Set the stage for effective operations from day one. Explore training and services to help you optimally manage, maintain, and run your SAP HANA applications.
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Service and Support

Make sure SAP HANA seamlessly meets your needs – with SAP Digital Business Services. They offer unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and industry experience.


Need more help – or want to take your SAP HANA knowledge to the next level? Leverage
SAP’s self-paced and instructor-led courses – online or in classrooms around the globe.


Explore in-depth documentation and reference materials that support every phase of SAP HANA – from installation to operation.
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SAP HANA Master Guide

Review our master guide for a step-by-step overview of the installation process, including a list of required tools and associated documentation.
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