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SAP Experience Center Netherlands

About SAP Experience Center in

Make Digital Real

At the SAP Experience Center, you can learn more about the intelligent enterprise and intelligent technologies that are driving the shift to digitalization. Here, companies from all industries meet to digitally innovate their business by combining data, design, and tangible models.

Change your perspective on digital

Our focus is to inspire companies, decision makers, and organizations by providing a fundamentally new perspective on their digital potential along with the tools, methods, and prototypes required for digital transformation.

Explore the center itself

The center includes an Interactive Boardroom, a Creative Space, workshop rooms, a Maker Space, showcases of the latest technology, and examples of digital transformation across the world. 

Discover how far innovation has come

Find out how you can use data analytics to predict your customers’ behavior and improve the customer experience – from creating awareness and capturing attention, to orchestrating personalized offers and touchpoints across the entire purchasing cycle. See how far the digitalization of production, logistics, and forecast processes have come. Understand how IoT and predictive analytics help to reduce production costs by reducing stocks, to buy raw materials, sell products at better prices, and optimize distribution.


Visiting our center? Here’s what you can expect. 

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