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Big Data as a Service event

's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Nederland

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Big Data as a Service event on 30 March 2017. Where SAP NL launches SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (Altiscale).
SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Big Data Services (Altiscale) is a fully managed Big Data platform, delivering instant access to production-ready Hadoop and Spark on the world’s best Big Data infrastructure. Leveraging years of experience, we’ve reimagined how Big Data should be done. The SCP Big Data Services provides servers, networking, and software configured for performance, reliability, and security. It easily scales to meet your largest jobs. You don’t get bogged down with operations hassles, because you have an experienced, expert operations team making you successful.
Whether you’re new to Big Data or just want a streamlined approach that frees up more time and resources, SCP Big Data Services is your answer.
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Evenementcategorie SAP evenement
Type evenement Persoonlijk
Taal Engels
Beoogd publiek IT Managers, BI Managers, Data Scientists, Platform Architects, Enterprise Architects; Cross industries; Key, GB, IB, NNN
Telefoonnummer 0031 - 736457023
Locatie SAP Nederland
Amerikastraat 10
's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, 5232BE, Nederland
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