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Customer Snapshot: Overview

~186 million mobile subscribers

Connectivity is the cornerstone of any business – and nowhere more so than a telecommunications company. As the communications industry shifts, China DataCom is growing with it to become a leading web service provider and one of China's leading information services companies. Throughout this shift, China DataCom has kept a strong focus on the spirit of enterprise and innovation for their employees as well as in their products, even as the company grows to match the expanding needs of the organization.  

China DataCom Corporation

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Human Resources

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Guangzhou, China

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When China DataCom was looking to revamp its HR strategy to more consistently manage employee performance, SAP SuccessFactors was on the job to help them Run Simple and keep their culture integrated and focused on the main goal: preserving a strong corporate culture.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Uniting a Growing Market Through a Focus on Employees & Corporate Culture

The company, headquartered in Guangzhou, is divided into 3 branches, with national market service experience and a service area covering most of the provinces and autonomous regions nationwide. The company is expanding in overseas markets, achieving remarkable results.

Adhering to the "customer-focused, open innovation, create value" service culture and a "happy work" business philosophy, the company keeps up with industry trends to attract elite resources and improve the governance structure. China DataCom provides a variety of products and services through excellent teamwork, advanced technology and rich customer experiences. Currently, China DataCom is one of China's leading information services companies as a comprehensive, competitive, strong brand of modern enterprise communication services.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Focus, Concentration, Professionalism & Expertise

China DataCom is a mobile Web service provider and part of the China Telecom Corporation group. Its pedigree alone puts China DataCom at the heart of that country’s mobile and Internet technologies. China Telecom is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Mainland China – at the end of 2014, it had about 186 million mobile subscribers and around 107 million broadband subscribers.

Their elaborate "special" culture drives China DataCom to focus on the spirit of the core, and to focus on strategy-oriented action combined with industry trends. Their success goals are founded on the formation of a series of business concepts, management systems and employee code of conduct, a variety of chemical and physical factors, and a strong corporate culture. Their aim: to concentrate on the professionalism and personal growth of their staff reflected in four key aspects of their business: "focus, concentration, professionalism, and expertise."

The Challenge

Connecting the Dots

As technology evolves and the needs of a culture grow, the company must expand to meet those new challenges. That includes creating a corporate strategy to meet the needs of a growing, young workforce.
China DataCom was looking to keep up with the ever-changing telecommunications market, adapting new HR strategies to support the company’s business transformation and managing those employees and their performance with greater consistency.

Enter SAP

A Cloud-Based Solution Covering a Broad Network

In an ever-changing market, no change means no survival. To meet the needs of China DataCom’s 186 million mobile subscribers and 107 million broadband subscribers, they needed to expand their service to the community without sacrificing the strong corporate culture they have created. China DataCom turned to SAP SuccessFactors to help this expansion Run Simple.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Faster Progress Reports Means Faster Progress Overall

Incorporating SAP SuccessFactors accelerated the process of setting goals, managing their execution, and adjusting business strategies to changing needs. With automated daily HR progress reports, China DataCom’s 1,500 employees can easily sign on and access their personalized goal-setting and performance feedback tools, cutting the time it takes to get feedback from one month to one day.

Better Business

Moving Forward at the Speed of Business

China DataCom is setting a new gold standard for identifying and managing change and growth opportunities for their company and their most valued resource – their employees. This translates to areas throughout the HR purview including financial planning, IT strategy, go-to-market planning, human capital management and beyond.

Better Business: Benefits

Fully Synchronized, Fully Efficient

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central synchronizes the goals of China DataCom across the entire organization, while SuccessFactors® Performance & Goals and SuccessFactors Succession & Development solutions have accelerated the process of setting goals, managing their execution, and adjusting business strategies to the company’s changing needs.

Synchronizing HR efforts across a large organization is no small feat, but together with SAP, China DataCom connects with employees to focus on their “happy work” philosophy and strong culture based on focus, concentration, professionalism, and expertise.

Better Business: Run Simple

Building Connections in the Cloud

SAP helps China DataCom benefit from a Run Simple approach by keeping employees informed, connected and on track for success every step of the way.

Journey Ahead


Building a Solid Foundation for New Hires

SuccessFactors has helped China DataCom reshuffle their entire HR process, helping the company make their strategic goals a reality. In the future they hope that by using the SAP SuccessFactors solutions they can improve recruitment, career planning, payroll and performance.

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