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Customer Snapshot: Overview

2016 marks the first appearance of golf in the Olympics since 1904

David Leadbetter Golf is a worldwide brand which has been providing golf instruction to avid golfers since the 1980s. With a growing interest in golf around the world and the 2016 Olympics upon us, the company was looking to expand their offerings and compete on a whole new level.

David Leadbetter Golf

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QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS

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Run Simple, Run Live, Sports

Davenport, Florida, USA

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20 direct staff, 60 certified instructors across the globe

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SAP Business One



Customer Snapshot: History

Worldwide, World Class Instruction

Originally from Worthing in Sussex, England, David Leadbetter began his career in golf on the European and South African Tours. He soon realized his interest was in the technique, mechanics, and intricacies of the game, which eventually led him to spend more time teaching than playing. David’s career took off in the mid-1980s through his documented work with Sir Nick Faldo, which produced 6 Majors.

Soon after David’s retirement from playing, he began to incorporate his methods and philosophies into a stringent, holistic training program for qualified instructors that remains unmatched even today. Many of the world’s top teachers have come through the Leadbetter Academy system.

Since launching the first Leadbetter Golf Academy over 30 years ago, David has coached players to 19 Major Championship titles and over 100 individual worldwide tournament victories. Six of those players have even held first place in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Diversification Reaches More Golfers Across More Channels

With a desire to bring that same world-class instruction to players of all ages and abilities, and in addition to the numerous articles written for publications like Golf Digest and Golf International over the past three decades, David has authored eight books on the topic. Together, David’s books have sold two million copies making him one of the bestselling golf instruction authors in the world. His latest book, The A Swing, was released in May 2015 is set to transform the golf swing once again.

Additionally, David has produced a number of instructional videos, DVDs, an interactive video game, and other mixed media, and developed training aids—including the SwingSetter, SwingSetter Pro and a number of A Swing approved training aids released with the book—all dedicated to helping people play better golf.


Today, David remains a revered voice in golf instruction and continues to coach several top PGA, LPGA, and European Tour players, host his own satellite radio show, author new publications, develop new training aids, and continue to bring the same innovative and elite level instruction to players everywhere.

Simplicity is at the core of our business.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Holistic Approach to Teaching Golf

In 1983, when the doors to the very first Leadbetter Golf Academy opened, the golf world’s view of instruction changed forever. David Leadbetter’s swing philosophies and teaching methods revolutionized the way people thought about instruction itself.

The company operates a licensing model and currently employs 20 direct staff and another 60 certified instructors operating 25 golf academies in 13 countries. The company is the original golf instruction brand and offers a holistic approach to golf instruction from swing analysis and course management to mental preparation and physical conditioning. Today, The Leadbetter Golf Academy and their network of elite instructors continue David’s tradition of innovation by bring premier golf instruction to players of all ages and abilities.


Pioneers in the next wave of what golf instruction means.

The Challenge

State-of-the-Art Facilities Need State-of-the-Art Systems

Disconnected systems and databases may be sufficient for a small, young company, but for a growing international company with big dreams, data consolidation is the first step to uncovering key business insights and growth opportunities. With the return of golf to the Olympics for the first time in 112 years, 2016 marked an opportunity to reach, educate, and train even more golfers. The time was right to enter the next resurgence of golf with the right systems in place. To reach golfers locally in locations around the world, the company needed to be able to communicate more efficiently with franchisees around the world to learn more about their customers’ needs and manage inventory more effectively.

Enter SAP

Not Just Playing Around

While the time for a new system was right, the team was unsure where to turn. With existing systems on QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, they first examined QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) as an option, but they were concerned about the level of security it would provide. The team looked to SAP Business One hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for complete visibility and security. Vision33 was selected to provide SAP Business One consulting services and lead the David Leadbetter Golf team through the implementation process from start to completion.

We felt that SAP Business One was the most secure and audit-driven system we could implement. Other software packages do not have the added security that we felt SAP Business One has. Also, the reporting features were excellent for our managers to use. — Benedict Riches, Managing Director of David Leadbetter Golf

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Discovering New Tricks to a Familiar Game

As the team began a deep dive into the processes, they uncovered inefficient processes they previously thought were working well. Vision33 provided insights into inventory management, data, and eCommerce functionality that introduced the team to a whole new way to reach and service their customers. Exporting data from Quickbooks to SAP Business One unveiled new opportunities to gain even more insights and apply them to the growth of their business.

SAP as a partner allows us to continue to be innovators. Goals in the ‘80s and ‘90s were different; now you need technology and to innovate with the future in mind. Understanding what SAP Business One and its analytics can do and learning what you do in business and applying that to the sport is profound.   — Benedict Riches, Managing Director of David Leadbetter Golf

Better Business

More Insight Helps the Business Stay the Course

As predictive analytics provide insights into new ways to reach out to franchises and customers, the customer relationship is evolving and becoming more personalized. David Leadbetter Golf is now looking forward to building long lasting relationships with franchises and students and making the most of predictive analytics to better meet global demands.


Real time insight into what their instructors and employers are doing.

Better Business: Benefits

Choosing the Right Club Makes All the Difference

A 15% increase in revenue, 10% reduction in cost, and better inventory management are just some of the key metrics David Leadbetter Golf is keeping an eye on. Other benefits, while harder to measure in numbers, are just as significant. With better visibility into all data and the inclusion of real-time budgeting and cycle counting functionality, the company is better positioned to manage financials overall and be more prepared for the future.


12% Increase in efficiency of instructors


17% Increase in cycle counting

Better Business: Run Simple

In Golf and in Business, Efficiency

With a better understanding of global market demands and greater transparency into inventory and revenue streams, instructors in the field and headquarters-based staff can all perform their jobs with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The data is now available in real-time though secure channels, giving all employees access to vital information on-demand.


Greater understanding of their business.

Journey Ahead

Making More Customer Connections

With SAP Business One in place, the data is coming together. The results are enabling David Leadbetter Golf to be forward-thinking and focus even more clearly on their customers, looking beyond the numbers and data tables to see their customers more clearly than ever before. Insights into consumer trends are helping the company plan for the future, and that means new ways to connect directly with more customers around the globe.


Students Stay Connected to Coaches Across the Globe.

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