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Customer Snapshot: Overview

15-20% expansion of the sales pipeline

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the packaging”. Pregis, a global leader of innovative protective packaging materials and systems, has the experience to back up that claim. Pregis has a dedicated team of packaging professionals who help customers evaluate their packaging needs and recommend solutions that will work across all distribution channels.

Pregis Corporation

US$1 billion

Number of Employees

Mill Products


The Principal Consulting Inc. (TPC)


Deerfield, Illinois, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

With a renewed commitment to customer-centric growth, Pregis deployed SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales solution, helping them bring new products to market more quickly and drive stronger business decisions.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Personalized Service

Pregis doesn’t just provide custom packaging materials. They also customize equipment systems to streamline the packing process, minimize waste, and schedule preventative maintenance on machinery to cut overall costs and reduce downtime.


Pregis works directly with their retail customers to design or adapt available space with the best workstation configuration and accessories. They even provide integrated solutions across all physical location types, including retail locations with limited space to facilitate packing, storage, and shipping. Additionally, Pregis trains their customer’s employees to properly operate systems and apply packaging material.

Many solutions to keep products safe.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Materials Are Just the Beginning

While the elegantly designed packaging is the face of Pregis, the machinery and supplies behind the packaging are just as vital. The company installs proprietary equipment systems along with their proprietary PX3 system to monitor the performance metrics, parts, service history, and material consumption. This data is used to schedule preventative maintenance visits and minimize downtime. Equipment, parts, and service combine with packaging reorders to solidify ongoing customer relationships.

The Challenge

Streamlining the Sales Process from End to End

Pregis needed an integrated system to equip sales and marketing employees to respond to and even anticipate customers’ needs in a more personalized way. They realized that a digital transformation would enable the the company to cut the time required to prepare reports, eliminate redundancies, and respond in the moment to customer inquiries diring sales calls.

The ability to deliver real-time information for instant access.

We had to integrate our business processes from end to end so our entire company could work more cohesively to meet our customers’ needs. We want to know what our customers need before they do. – Bob Border, Vice President and CIO, Pregis

Enter SAP


Eliminating Silos

Pregis sought a Run Simple solution to help expand their business and provide real-time insights 24/7. They realized that a mobile solution would provide the information their sales professionals needed to close the deal on-site. Also, a comprehensive database with analytics would give executives an instant 360 degree view of data that would help move the company forward.

Pregis selected The Principal Consulting Inc. and SAP to facilitate a smooth, easy implementation.

We worked with TPC and SAP to reimagine how our business should operate, how our systems should integrate and function, and how to make every component of every process more efficient. – Bob Border, Vice President and CIO, Pregis

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

TPC and Pregis incorporated SAP S/4HANA to create new workflows for price quotes, procurement, and reporting. Then, they implemented SAP Hybris Sales Cloud on that foundation, completing the digital transformation project in only 16 weeks!

A great support system every step of the way.

Better Business

Agile Reporting Makes Decision-Making Easier

Advanced analytics capabilities give executives a bird’s-eye overview that help them make stronger decisions and prepare for growth. Reduced system complexities have freed up time to observe, plan, and execute new strategies to make the company even stronger and grow more quickly.

Reports can now be generated in real-time.

Now we have a data repository that is a single source of truth and accessible to the whole organization. This is an enormous improvement over our previous system, which often required workarounds. – Bob Border, Vice President and CIO, Pregis

Better Business: Benefits

Informed Sales Professionals Create More Satisfied Customers

Gone are the days when field sales professionals needed to call the corporate office for information. Armed with a strong set of tools, the sales team has the mobile, real-time information they need to satisfy customer requests instantly. The team now has the time and capability to spend more time with customers, discovering their needs and presenting them with new opportunities, resulting in an increase in sales of 15-20%.


With The Principal Consulting Inc. (TPC) as their partner, Pregis tightened up business processes to integrate previously disconnected elements, then looked to build new workflows and deliver cloud-based reporting to tie all aspects of the business into one system.

Better visibility through SAP Hybris Sales Cloud.

Better Business: Run Simple

A Single Source of Truth

The company is experiencing greater efficiency across all departments, thanks to the new unified database and simplified data analyses processes. Employees can run reports from anywhere, allowing for more effective and targeted selling and more error-free reporting companywide.


The new system is helping Pregis anticipate customer needs for proactive sales and stronger business relationships. And it’s not just the customers who are happier—distributors and manufacturers are now better positioned to meet customer demand. This enables Pregis to offer more solutions to their dedicated customers and continue their growth trajectory.

Already seeing the benefits of an agile mobile solution.

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