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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Bringing irrigation to 100 countries

Our world’s most precious resource – water – helps crops grow and creates the resources we need to survive and thrive. But in areas where water is scarce, drought is a persistent problem. In a rapidly growing world with shrinking resources, Netafim brings microirrigation technologies to farms, mines, greenhouses, and other vital resource generators to more than 100 countries. 

Netafim Ltd.

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Line of Business
Human Resources, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP ERP, SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP Consulting

Tel Aviv, Israel

Number of Employees
4,000 (global)

High Tech

That takes a lot of coordination and a lot of people. With employees across 31 countries, Netafim needed to globalize their human resources (HR) in one system to streamline processes and foster a stronger common culture. As a trusted local partner for more than 15 years, SAP was there to help.

Customer Snapshot: History

Making Deserts Bloom Around the World

After discovering that a slow, balanced drip effect leads to extraordinary plant growth, Simcha Blass, a veteran Israeli water engineer, spent decades trying to turn his breakthrough into reality. His efforts finally came to fruition with the establishment of the Netafim Irrigation Company in 1965.

A joint venture forged between Blass and Kibbutz Hatzerim – an Israeli agricultural settlement located in the Negev desert – Netafim introduced the world’s first drip irrigation system in 1966. Netafim later turned to Rafi Mehoudar, who invented and developed the next generation of sophisticated drippers manufactured by the company. These drippers adapt to the variations of inlet pressure and clean themselves automatically, maintaining a uniform flow rate regardless of water quality and pressure.

Founded at a time when Israel aimed “to make the desert bloom,” Netafim has been a leader in global agricultural development since their founding. Always growing and diversifying, Netafim integrates a rich legacy with down-to-earth rural values and cutting-edge agronomic and technological expertise to lead the way in drip and micro-irrigation solutions worldwide.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Helping the World Grow More with Less

As the world’s leading irrigation company, Netafim works to drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food, water, and arable land.

With an expanding world and shrinking supply of resources, Netafim is working hard to bridge the gap.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Creating An Impact Through Partnering For Success

Together with their partners, Netafim revolutionizes irrigation globally for a sustainable future. The company drives mass adoption of innovative, simple, and reliable drip irrigation solutions. Netafim teams around the world provide customers with the best agronomic and technical support to ensure outstanding results and peace of mind.

Netafim’s values are what guide the company in achieving their purpose, vision, and mission. They were defined and shaped based on personal and organizational success stories from throughout the company, together with the input of over 4,000 employees worldwide – a true embodiment of the company’s Partner for Success value.

The Challenge


Managing a Diverse Worker Population

Agriculture is a seasonal business and global agriculture sees many seasons across disparate climates and regions. With Netafim’s resources in 100 different countries across all corners of the globe, to say coordinating Human Resources was a challenge is an understatement.

The company needed an HR system that was both global and easily localized to incorporate 29 legal entities worldwide as well as seasonal employees across a wide variety of cultures and industries. In 2013, the company set out to create a solution that could support localization and coordinate with all of the existing local systems.

The company needed to consolidate data and get everyone on the same page, worldwide.

Enter SAP

A Clear Choice

As a trusted partner for more than 15 years in their Israel headquarters, SAP was the clear choice. Netafim consulted with SAP and SAP partner AKT Human Capital Solutions about their options and found the best solution could be found in the cloud. Quick to implement and easy to access, an SAP cloud-based solution could link seamlessly with on-premise SAP software and speak directly with local systems already in place with no communication barriers.

From farmers in the field to executives in the home office, everyone could be connected in the cloud.

SAP SuccessFactors had the best recommendations. Also, we knew that with SAP SuccessFactors, the migration and integration with our existing SAP ERP application would work. — Eran Benyamini, Head of Business Applications, Netafim

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


A 9-Month Global Rollout

Beginning in 2014, the company established a global HR information system (HRIS) group to work with each region to determine their particular needs. The rollout began in India, then went on to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, all supported by Netafim’s global HRIS team with localization, training, and support.

Within 4 months, Netafim brought over the entire company’s employee records, followed by SAP SuccessFactors modules to manage performance, goals, and compensation.

Cloud-based deployment across the entire system was quick and efficient, making it the best solution.

Better Business

Speaking the Same HR Language Everywhere

Having SAP ERP now with SAP SuccessFactors as a uniform platform enabled the company to create a single seamless culture with a companywide naming convention system. This includes vital HR tent poles such as role and title standardization and standardized org charts,that make it easy to onboard new hires, search for new talent, facilitate moves within the company, and reduce the overall workload for HR.

The new system makes it possible to create a quick snapshot with a bird’s-eye view and dial down to the individual level as well.

Previously, if anything was changed in one HR system, it had to be manually edited in all others. Today, if someone leaves the company, changes their profile, or moves to another department, that change is transparent everywhere. — Laura Naveh, Global HRIS manager

Better Business: Benefits


One Platform, One Culture

HR was pleasantly surprised to see a 95% participation rate among employees for performance management, meaning the team has succeeded in their goal to make the system globally and locally accessible. The new system is already erasing cultural differences, geographical barriers, and language barriers that separate employees from each other.

Through the company-wide system, a unified culture is emerging where the company can to quickly disseminate company-wide goals and messages to staff, making everyone in the company feel like a resource as valued as the water they distribute across the globe.

Employee participation in the new system is clear proof that the team hit the mark with accessibility, usability, and design.

29 legal entities - 1 global system

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central standardized our HR terminology and created ‘One Netafim.’ We speak the same language, use the same org charts, and classify employees in the same way.
— Eran Benyamini, Head of Business Applications at Netafim

Better Business: Run Simple

Saving Time and Boosting Productivity

Even with Netafim’s global reach and distribution, the new system has united the company’s internal resources and culture. The company is seeing a common corporate culture emerge thanks to the standardization and consolidation of corporate terminology, org charts, employee classifications, and processes. Manual processes are now entered directly into the online system where data gets updated automatically system wide so everyone, everywhere is instantly on the same page.

Information about trends, hires, and projections at their fingertips.

Journey Ahead

A Global Rollout

Netafim has plans to roll out SAP SuccessFactors Compensation in Israel and eight other countries to sync local compensation plans into one global plan. The goal is to eliminate manual processes to save time and reduce errors.

SAP SuccessFactors delivers another benefit that Netafim plans to take advantage of with regard to Human Resources data. The company is looking to track movement within the company to calculate internal mobility rates and make Netafim a more attractive workplace. The company hopes that with so much trend data at their fingertips, HR will be able to manage the company’s most valuable resource: employees.

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