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Technology-Forward Business Mobilized for Future

Customer Snapshot: Overview

92% Electronic invoice submission rate in North America

CA Technologies is an industry-leading, global software company that helps their customers thrive in a world where every business is in the software business. To improve their own processes, CA wanted to make internal requisitioning and invoice processing simple and efficient by repairing disparate systems and now CA can Run Live with the data at hand with SAP solutions.

CA Technologies

US$4.3 billion

Number of Employees

High Tech

Visionary Themes 

Digital Economy, Run Simple, Run Live

New York, New York, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Platform and Technology, Service, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
Ariba Contract Management, Ariba Invoice Professional, Ariba Network, Ariba Procurement Content , Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Spend Visibility, Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management , SAP Fiori, SAP Web IDE

By implementing SAP Ariba and SAP Fiori apps, CA Technologies is able to Run Simple with greater flexibility and cleaner, much improved user experience in the Digital Economy.

Customer Snapshot: History

From Ideas to Innovations

CA Technologies has been changing the way we live, work, and communicate since 1976.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Shaping the Future

CA helps their customers shape the future by creating great software that eliminates the barriers between ideas and business outcomes for their customers.

Helping Companies Improve Within the Digital Economy.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Building More Efficiencies

Looking to better service their customers, CA Technologies turned internally to improve their workforce productivity and internal processes. Building a more efficient user experience (UX) for internal teams and releasing SAP Fiori apps to service their employees and management has led to increased employee satisfaction and improved productivity as well.

I saw a unique opportunity to exploit the capabilities of SAP Fiori to help us quickly achieve some wins in the mobility space and improve the efficiency of frequently requested tasks within CA. — Richard Lazzara, Director of IT, CA Technologies

The Challenge


Moving into a Mobile Environment

To improve their own processes, CA Technologies wanted to repair their disparate systems to help Increase enterprise productivity with a secure, consumer-grade mobile UX.

Building Efficiencies.

Enter SAP

True Advantage

CA Technologies integrated SAP solutions and gained significant efficiencies through their global operations within months of roll out. CA Technologies was able to realize efficiencies in process from procure-to-pay implementation, enjoyed better user experiences through great mobile solutions for merchants and consumers, and used mobile apps to improve the way internal teams handled day-to-day approvals and decision-making responsibilities.

SAP Integrated Solutions.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Streamlined Processes

Through SAP Fiori and SAP Ariba solutions, CA Technologies is able to streamline their processes, offering greater flexibility in managing tasks and freeing up employees and management to concentrate on strategic operational decisions.

Streamlined Process Supported by Technology.

With SAP Ariba solutions, we can deliver a simple requisition interface worldwide. Users can view and approve transactions offline on mobile devices. And the Ariba Network lets us interface with suppliers more efficiently – driving down costs and freeing up resources to focus on strategic activities. — Rich Lazzara, Director of IT, CA Technologies

Better Business


The Procure-to-Pay Solution

Worldwide, CA takes advantage of the Ariba Network and has implemented the Ariba PO Automation and Ariba Procurement Content solutions for shopping and managing catalogs in the cloud. In North America, CA Technologies implemented a complete procure-to-pay solution by adding the Ariba Invoice Professional solution.

SAP Ariba Solutions.

Better Business: Benefits

Building Apps that Improve the Approval Processes

Efficiencies can be found companywide with SAP Fiori and SAP Ariba mobility solutions. Managers and executives don’t have to be tied down by a backend system and can make approvals to timesheets, purchase orders, shopping carts, and more without having to be at their desk.


The Shopping Cart Approval Process.

>65% Faster turnaround time to enable catalogs (from 6wks to <2wks) with SAP Ariba

8 weeks Inital implementation of infrastructure to support SAP Fiori and rollout of 3 apps

Better Business: Run Simple


Building Better Systems with SAP

CA Technologies has seen benefits in three key areas: User Experience, Efficiency, and Money.


About Ariba Invoice Professional.

Journey Ahead


A Platform with Endless Possibilities

The efficiencies found across CA Technologies teams since rolling out SAP solutions has created increased convenience and improved employee satisfaction, which is a great path to continue on for the future.

Implementing SAP Technologies.

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