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Customer Snapshot: Overview

CAD 25 billion in Assets

Home Trust Company looks at the whole picture of people and believes that good credit ratings usually come back. Because they know that every customer is unique and that circumstances arise that may impact credit scores, Home Trust exists to provide hope for the future for their customers and for the communities they support.

Home Trust

CAD 20 billion

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Digital Economy, Run Simple, Work & Prosperity

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Customer Website

Line of Business
Asset Management, Finance, Sales, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Bank Analyzer , SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP MaxAttention, SAP Business Process Management

Customer Snapshot: History

One of Canada’s Leading Trust Companies

Originally incorporated in Ontario in 1977 as Home Savings and Loan Corporation, the company was continued under the Trust and Loan Companies Act (Canada) on March 9, 2000.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Lending Services With the Borrower’s Life in Mind

Home Trust’s focus is on Canadians who don’t have traditional credit backgrounds and can’t be serviced by larger financial institutions. Instead, Home Trust caters to self-employed entrepreneurs, people with past credit issues, and borrowers with equity in their property who do not qualify due to lack of provable income or little credit history.

Home Trust Company is a supporter of the Project HOPE Foundation, which offers a lifespan of services for individuals across the autism spectrum. The HOPE Relay for autism, sponsored by Home Trust Bank, was staffed by bank employees and showed their commitment to helping those in need and believing in a better future for all Canadians by hiring people with autism and training them to work with Home Trust.

Serving the Underserved.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

It All Started with Twelve People

Home Trust Company success was found by disrupting the market. By accepting opportunities that Canada’s big banks were turning down – lending to people with variable incomes that don’t qualify at these big banks – they disrupted the market and found their niche. Home Trust’s business started with just 12 people and one savings and loan, and has now grown to around 1,000 employees and over CA$20 billion in assets.

Home Trust Company’s focus still remains on the alternative lending space, lending to the self-employed and people with bruised credit. This “disruptive” niche market includes plumbers, electricians, lawyers, and dentists to name a few.

The Challenge

With Growth Comes Complex Challenges

Believing in the potential of people that otherwise would have been turned down by big banks has been a huge win for the Home Trust team and contributed greatly to their rapid growth. With this exponential growth came increased complexity.

Their many disparate systems were not setup to support essential new services such as mobile apps. Home Trust knew they needed help to bring their lending and banking services to the digital world in order to reach their goals.

Enter SAP

Think, and Scale Outside the Box

The scalability of SAP was a key to continue Home Trust’s growth and their mission of offering every Canadian the opportunity to succeed and prosper.

SAP fit in with their goal of offering one-stop alternative lending and banking services to underserved Canadians with bruised credit and other niche customers by becoming a digitized financial services company that would allow them to integrate and standardize data in disparate systems for processing in on-premise and cloud solutions that are accessible by mobile devices.

In addition to this, SAP also tied into Home Trust’s goal of training and hiring more adults with autism. Putting people to work who may otherwise have been passed on by recruiters fits the mold of what Home Trust stands for.

Home Trust thinks outside the box – always finding a solution. Being very nimble and agile and having a technology platform that is also nimble and agile is key to getting there. SAP provides that technology platform. — Martin K. Reid, President and CEO, Home Trust Company and Home Capital Group Inc.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Scalable Solutions Optimize Business Processes

Home Trust started with about 12 people and today they are pushing 900+ employees and CAD 25 billion in assets. They needed a technology partner that would be able to keep up with their exponential growth and they found that partner in SAP with their scalable solutions and services.


Home Trust partnered with SAP MaxAttention to help them reduce complexity and prepare for the digital economy.

Enabling the Digital Transformation.

The SAP solution is very scalable. Without SAP software products, I’m not sure we would have been able to grow the way we have grown. SAP is the amazing engine that makes Home Trust a powerful force for the underserved. — Martin Reid, president of Home Trust Company

Home Trust partnered with SAP MaxAttention to help them reduce complexity and prepare for the digital economy.

Better Business

Always Finding the Right Solution

As Home Trust grew, so did the need for faster and better reporting through analytics. By partnering with SAP, they were able to achieve a wide view of their customers and business processes and add value to their consumers and employees through scalable SAP solutions. This allowed them to make decisions faster, and resolve issues more efficiently to enable them to continue offering better financial solutions to their customers.

Taking Care of Business.

Better Business: Run Simple

The Engine Powering Home Trust’s Business

With SAP powering their business, Home Trust can continue to help their customers and employees with scalable solutions. Home Trust’s modernization allowed them to acquire a digital strategy that enables them to offer full financial services through software offerings, cloud capabilities, big data, and more.

Technology Drives the Business.

Journey Ahead

Making the Investment in People

Home Trust has broken new ground and is embarking on a new kind of disruption in the marketplace – the digital kind now made possible by the digital economy. With this new position, the result is new hope for many people who truly deserve to be in the game, but were cut short by big banks.

By believing in people and always looking for new ways to help the underserved grow; Home Trust is putting their trust in SAP so that the people they serve can keep trusting Home Trust for their financial needs.

SAP Supports Growth into the Future

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