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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Out of their 2.8 million clients, 90% are women


The lack of basic banking services has been a roadblock to prosperity for many in Latin America. For millions of aspiring small business owners across Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru, Compartamos Banco is driving economic development and a better quality of life.

Compartamos Banco

US$575 million

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SAP Solutions
SAP Consulting, SAP for Banking, SAP Value Management

Mexico City, Mexico

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SAP Consulting organization


And with SAP for Banking solutions, Compartamos is able to continually improve their services, enhancing customers’ experience and success.

Customer Snapshot: History

From a Small Social Project to a Powerful Force in Economic Development

Founded in 1990 by a young impresario named Jose Ignacio Avalos Hernandez, Compartamos Banco began as a small project intended to provide financing to female small business owners with low incomes. Over the past 25 years, it has grown to serve more than 2.8 million customers, more than 90% of which are women, with savings accounts, loans, insurance, and financial education.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Mission to Eradicate Financial Exclusion

As one of the largest microfinance banks in Latin America, Compartamos Banco is dedicated to the belief that every small business owner should have access to the basic financial services needed to be successful. By providing savings accounts, loans, insurance, transaction points, and financial education, the bank is working to eradicate financial exclusion by giving aspiring entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow their business and improve their lives.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

From Street-Corner Cart to a Grocery Store


With over 2.8 million clients, 90% of whom are women, Compartamos Banco is changing lives and driving growth in Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru. Elizabeth Diaz, the winner of the 2013 Compartamos Microenterprise Award, is a perfect example of what a difference access to basic financial services can make. Working long hours stocking shelves in a warehouse, Elizabeth had a dream of owning a business.

She started selling handmade goods from a cart whenever time would allow. As her clientele slowly began to grow, her neighbor Marita suggested she find out what Compartamos Banco could do to help – a move that would change Elizabeth’s career and life forever.
Today, Elizabeth is the proud owner of a grocery and internet café in San Jose del Cabo called Minisuper Ely. She was able to stock a store and install a refrigeration unit using her first loan from Compartamos Banco.

The Challenge

Rapid Growth and Rising Technological Demands

As Compartamos Banco continued to grow, it needed the technology to support complex and widespread operations. The transition to a for-profit organization that provided group-guaranteed loans meant an immediate need to confront mounting technological challenges. These included how to expand products and services to address new segments and new markets. Additionally, the bank needed a way to handle growing data volumes and increase the efficiency of the origination and portfolio management process. Finally, to ensure strong retention rates, it needed a way to continually enhance the customer banking experience.

Without technology, our current size would be unthinkable. We needed a highly robust technology platform. – Fernando Álvarez Toca, Chief Services Officer, Gentera, holding company for Compartamos Banco

Enter SAP

Building a Road Map for Maximum Value

To make the case to executives for investing in SAP for Banking solutions, Compartamos Banco participated in the SAP Value Management program. Not only were process improvement requirements identified, potential business benefits and returns on investment were calculated. Finally, a method of governance was established to monitor future results against those calculations.

SAP Value Management services allowed Compartamos Banco to establish a plan to:

- Identify potential benefits and calculate return on investment

- Ensure executive alignment for strong project ownership and end-user support

- Establish best practices to monitor value and enact a system for governance and accountability

We decided to choose SAP as a strategic partner because the two companies show a similar level of risk and commitment. – Fernando Álvarez Toca, Chief Services Officer, Gentera, holding company for Compartamos Banco

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Complete Banking Transformation

Compartamos Banco decided to go big and pursue a full-scale banking transformation project with SAP. Working with the SAP Consulting organization, it leveraged SAP service offerings for banking to roll out solutions to support core banking processes. Beginning with launches at 21 offices, the goal of covering roughly 530 service offices and 100% of clients was initiated in Mexico in 2014.

Better Business

Robust Expansion and Customer Loyalty

SAP for Banking solutions helps Compartamos streamline processes across the organization. That means more time to serve more customers. It is also allowing the bank to integrate operations in multiple countries, driving localized growth and expansion to new markets. New technology combined with SAP Services offerings for banking are also helping Compartamos expand what it can offer to clients, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Better Business: Benefits

Increased Productivity, Integrated Operations, and Modern Convenience

The Compartamos Banco service offices in Mexico are seeing major improvements since the roll out of SAP solutions. Administration teams responsible for loan monitoring and collection payouts can now perform their daily tasks an hour faster. That means they can serve more customers – helping grow the bank and improve the lives of more and more people.

By helping integrate operations in several countries, SAP for Banking solutions will allow Compartamos Banco to analyze consolidated data with convenience and efficiency. Not only will this unify operations, it will also help spur growth across Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru, as well as ease expansion into new markets.

New technology will help Compartamos Banco bring more than just basic financial services to its clients. It will also allow them to deliver those services online and via mobile device. With a system that can be fully configured an customized to provide a 21st Century banking experience, not only will customers achieve success with Compartamos, they will stay with the bank long into the future.

Increased productivity, integrated operations, and modern convenience means happier, more successful clients and a competitive edge for Compartamos Banco.
The benefits should translate into better services for our customers with lower transaction costs and provide access to more products and better conditions, thereby increasing our customers’ loyalty to Compartamos. – Fernando Álvarez Toca, Chief Services Officer, Gentera, holding company for Compartamos Banco

Better Business: Run Simple

Continuing Growth, Innovation, and Prosperity

Compartamos has come a long way since its initial SAP software deployment, but there is still lot of work to be done. Each operating country is still running on a separate system, but unification is on the horizon. And with operations running better than ever and more clients joining every day, the backend – and the millions of people it serves – continues to prosper.

The power to process 4.5 loans per second on peak days

Journey Ahead

A Better Future for 10,000,000 Clients

Once Compartamos Banco has fully integrated SAP solutions in Mexico, it will replicate the process in Guatemala and Peru, putting it on a rapid growth trajectory in both regions and preparing it to expand into additional countries. With every new client is a new life changed for the better by opportunity, empowerment, and hope for a better future.

For Compartamos, the future lies in continuing with our strategy of reaching 10 million clients. And SAP will play a very important role in that. – Fernando Álvarez Toca, Chief Services Officer, Gentera, holding company for Compartamos Banco
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