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AKT Global: Building an engaging digital work experience for a remote workforce

Explore AKT Global’s journey with SAP

AKT Global, a provider of cloud-based human experience management solutions, wanted to equip its diverse workforce to collaborate smoothly across borders. Using the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone solution, employees now have personalized digital workspaces that help keep them up to date and in touch – wherever they are.



increase in HR and employee communications exposure.



less time searching for knowledge articles.



efficiency improvement with information in a single portal.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone is helping us truly empower and engage our employees by creating one space where employees can find everything they need and get virtual support to get their work done – no matter where they are.

Yoav Ventura
Cofounder and Managing Partner
AKT Solutions Limited

The Challenge

Connecting and empowering a remote workforce

When you’re a top provider of cloud-based human experience management solutions, your business is about people. But with most of its diverse workforce across eight countries working remotely, AKT Solutions Limited (AKT Global) found inefficient communication and collaboration across borders and time zones were affecting productivity and putting a strain on employees.


The company sought a solution that would help employees work efficiently and effectively from any location and give it a better understanding of who was doing what. It wanted to engage with and monitor the performance of these remote global workers. Also on the agenda was finding ways to onboard and train employees effectively without in-person interaction and encouraging continuous learning.

The Solution

Equipping teams to work smarter and faster across borders

AKT Global created a digital workspace based on the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone solution and SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite. Now, employees have 24x7 access to the resources they need to do their job and connect with teammates and management.


With these personalized digital workspaces, individuals have key information at their fingertips, empowering them to enhance their personal productivity and knowledge. And they can keep up with what’s happening across the company – no matter where they’re working, what device they’re using, or where they’re based.

The Result

Creating a one-stop shop for digital communication and collaboration

Using SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, each employee has a personalized digital workspace that provides a unified overview of relevant data, content, insights, and actions to help them work more efficiently. By integrating the solution with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint, AKT Global has brought together internal communications, knowledge management, its document repository, and collaboration tools.


Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite has improved employee onboarding too. For example, new hires can now ask questions in welcome communities. Employees have greater awareness of the learning and development opportunities available, and they can share expertise more easily through knowledge base articles.


Further integration between SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone and AKT Global’s people management digital coach solution triggers automated alerts that empower managers to take positive actions that further engage team members.

SAP helps AKT Global run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • A personalized, unified digital communication and collaboration workspace accessible by Web and mobile, boosting efficiency
  • An improved employee onboarding experience
  • Enhanced visibility of learning and development opportunities and smoother knowledge sharing
  • Increased employee engagement with automated reminders for managers, triggering positive actions toward team members

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About AKT Global

AKT Global helps organizations redefine and transform the way people experience their organization or brand. One of the largest people experience management cloud consultancies in the EMEA region, it builds solutions that let clients adapt to and thrive in the new digital experience economy.

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