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Mikhail Suvorov

SAP Account Executive, Mid Market

Mikhail's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


My immigrant parents taught me to always seek out opportunities, continuously better myself, and never stop learning. Working at SAP, I am empowered to put that advice into practice every single day.

Mikhail Suvorov

I am a young professional, with a few years working under my belt, but really, I have been working since I was thirteen years old. Being an immigrant, my work ethic comes directly from my family, and watching them work tirelessly to achieve the American Dream. While I was born in Russia, I truly consider myself an Iowan, having moved to the Iowan countryside with my parents when I was five years old. My parents did not speak English when they immigrated and had to completely rebuild their lives. Though they both had advanced degrees from Russia, these did not transfer over to the U.S. They went from working in an office environment in Russia to working 12-hour days in a meat packing plant to make ends meet. I saw the impact that type of physical labor had on my parents, and it taught me to be career-focused from a very young age. My parents taught me to always seek out opportunities, continuously better myself, and never stop learning. Working at SAP since June 2017, I am empowered to put that advice into practice every single day.

I joined SAP as an intern while I was attending Iowa State University, studying Supply Chain Management. My university major provided great insight into the business world & how companies operate, but it wasn’t the career I necessarily wanted long-term. At age 19, I started researching major global tech companies. I wanted to be in sales, and selling technology solutions felt like the right fit for me. I researched for hours, focusing on which companies had the strongest market share, the best reputation, the high-quality culture. SAP absolutely stood out amongst its peers in the industry. I applied for an internship and got it. I left school for six months, and moved to Colorado to start my journey with SAP.

Why such a bold move? I quickly realized as an undergraduate that most companies won’t hire a student straight out of college to sell software. I figured I’d get my foot in the door, do an internship, show my value, and see where that would take me. My internship was supposed to last six months, but it was extended to 16 months. Clearly, I proved my worth.

My internship led me to a business development role in SAP’s Phoenix area office in 2018, an office in growth mode and SAP's U.S. hub for mid-market sales. It wasn’t the exact role I wanted, but it was a step in the right direction. Seven months in, I was promoted into the Account Executive role, the position I had aimed for since age 19. This career progression in two short years is not necessarily unusual at SAP. SAP invests in their employees, especially in top talent; and the opportunity for growth is there for anyone willing to put in the work. It’s common for working adults to spend over 40 hours a week at a given job, that’s a lot of time at work. I’m happy to say that I enjoy every hour of my day-to-day at SAP.

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