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Javier Ocampo

Business Processes Consultant


There are no “small clients”. We must always provide the best level of service no matter how challenging the conditions.

Javier Ocampo
Winner of the SAP Services Heroes Awards

A New Way of Working and Leading Successfully

The Services Hero award “Success through Outcomes” was bestowed on a Latin American (LAC) team for their successful implementation of SAP S/4 HANA 1709 this past year. When one reflects on the expression “Success through Outcomes,” a lot of different concepts can come to mind: revenue increase, customer reference, team learnings, or new and improved processes. No matter what the outcome may be, it is the journey to get there that is crucial for both SAP and the customer.

The challenges of the past year and a half forced the LAC team to pivot very quickly and adopt new modes of work. Consultant Javier Ocampo stated, “Time management took on even more importance during the pandemic, especially in terms of work/life balance. We had to adapt to 100% virtual meetings, meaning new skills had to be acquired in order to keep the program on track.”

The customer implementation was originally scheduled to go live eight months after the kick-off; but with the onset of the pandemic, the program timeline was extended to two years. With limited technical resources available in the customer’s country, along with the transition to 100% remote work, there was no shortage of challenges. However, with a motivated team that tirelessly supported each other, they were able to implement a successful go-live.

The program, despite its many challenges, offered valuable learnings for the team. Claudia Bustos, Program Lead, explained that navigating a new way of working during the pandemic meant that “teamwork and trust were vital to ensure that we stayed on target for all tasks.” SAP places special emphasis on a culture of inclusiveness, transparency and diversity. By focusing on these values, the LAC team was dedicated to building bridges, not silos - both within their team and with the customer. The team also embraced the SAP value to stay curious. This took on a deeper importance while working from home, which often times could feel monotonous. The team kept in mind that while they could not see the impact of their efforts right away, they should always strive to provide the best level of service possible to the customer. “There are no ‘small clients’. We must always provide the best level of service no matter how challenging the conditions. And teamwork and communication is the cornerstone on which success is built,” said Javier.

While the pandemic brought many challenges and hardships, Javier encourages others to know that, “Hard work pays off and does not go unnoticed at SAP. Winning the Services Heroes award was completely unexpected, but it is incredibly motivating and makes me proud to work for SAP. Without such an amazing and hardworking team, none of this would have been possible.”

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