Using business insight to shape technology innovation

Business can’t leave technology innovation to chance. Big Data analytics and real-time computing make it possible to tap remarkable and previously unattainable insights about companies, markets, and consumers. These insights can be used to guide innovation, and ultimately shape the way we adapt to – and progress with – change.

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99 Facts on the Future of Business

Resource scarcity… the explosion of mobile technologies… the rise of a global middle class – these are just some of the trends impacting the business landscape right now. “99 Facts on the Future of Business” explores how technology and innovation will continue to drive growth now and in the future.

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How CIOs Can Accelerate Innovation

Forward-thinking CIOs are transforming IT and business processes by creating a management approach that embeds technology investment decisions into larger business decisions. Discover how you can create and manage the necessary capacity for change and innovation across your organization.

Don Tapscott, CEO of the Tapscott Group

Technology in Business: The Tipping Point

Hear Don Tapscott, a leading business futurist, identify the tipping point of technology’s impact on business. With the industrial age finally coming to a conclusion, we are now in a time of profound change: change driven by IT, shaped by a new generation, and kick-started by the global crisis.

Dan Wagner spreaking about insight driven innovation

What is Insight-Driven Innovation?

What does insight-driven innovation really mean – in practical business terms? In this special thought leadership series, top business thinkers Jim Fields and Dan Wagner discuss the impact of insight-driven innovation, and how data can be used to drive decision making across the organization.


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Innovation: Instinct, Experience & Gut

Are business leaders prepared to decide how persuasive data is, how faithfully it can be followed – and how comfortable they are ignoring it?

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The Great Left Brain / Right Brain Debate

Hear luminaries Dan Wagner, Bill Foulkes, and Jim Fields discuss the impact of left brain/right brain thinking on the future of business.

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