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Digital Skills Center

Initiatives to close the digital skills gap

The Digital Skills Center, formerly known as SAP Training and Development Institute, helps in the creation of sustainable work opportunities, ensures economic growth and supports SAP’s ongoing commitment to close the digital skills gap. 

The Digital Skills Center offers initiatives that empower rising talents on SAP’s innovations, thus helps them to kick-start their tech career within the ecosystem of SAP customers and partners. With its initiatives, the center helps individuals and organizations to thrive in the Digital Economy and tackles some of today’s most pressing issues, such as youth unemployment and the digital skills gap. 

We empower bright talents to succeed in the Digital Economy

Today, one in two people on the planet is under the age of 30. The first “always connected” generation, Millennials, are the best-educated in history but still affected by high unemployment rates according to ILO. At the same time, organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on advanced technical skills in the emerging Digital Economy. 

Founded in November 2012, the SAP Training and Development Institute, now recognized as Digital Skills Center, truly underpins SAP’s vision to make the world run better and improve people’s lives with its various initiatives. Our best practices create value across the globe and have been adopted worldwide to support further SAP organizations.

Upcoming events and training opportunities

SAP Young Professionals Program

  • SAP Young Professionals Program Turkey
    March - June 2022
    July - September 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Saudi Arabia
    February - May 2022
    June - August 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Tunisia 
    April - June 2022
  • SAP Young Professionals Program UAE/Lebanon/Jordan
    March - June 2022
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Israel
    March - June 2022
  • SAP Young Professionals Program South Africa
    May - July 2022
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Libya
    May - July 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Kuwait
    June - August 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Iraq
    June - August 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Bahrain
    June - August 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Mozambique
    July - September 2022
    Apply here
  • SAP Young Professionals Program Angola
    July - September 2022
    Apply here

Please contact us via to receive more information or if you would like to hire from our program graduates.

Other Initiatives & Upcoming Events

  • SAP Dual Study Program
    We have 35 Dual Study Partner Universities.
    Please contact us via to receive more information.

Collaboration is key: what others say about us

Malak Awartani
SAP Consultant, Schneider Electric

The SAP Young Professionals Program is a cultivating journey which helped me thrive and empowered me to find an attractive job in the region. It only takes hard work, commitment and teamwork to make your wish of finding your dream job come true.

Salahudin Barakji
Logistics Officer, Mars Gulf

The SAP Dual Study Program helped me to secure a role with a globally recognized company in a field I’ve always wanted to pursue as my SAP certifications and knowledge gave me a real advantage over other candidates. I’d highly recommend the SAP Dual Study Program to any student who wants to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive job market.

Our initiatives

Enable and foster future technology leaders

We host programs to inspire and enable rising talents on SAP’s latest innovations. Our initiatives support organizations with finding the right resources for the Digital Era. Across Africa, our capacity build programs are offered under the SAP Skills for Africa initiative.

SAP Young Professionals Program

The 2-3 month program covers a unique enablement plan that includes SAP software functional/technical knowledge and certification with key focus on SAP’s latest innovations as well as soft skill trainings. Participants graduate from the program as SAP Associate Consultants, being immediately employable with SAP customers and partners.

SAP Dual Study Program

In partnership with top universities, the program provides students with the opportunity to take major-specific SAP trainings and certification during academic years. The extracurricular collaboration helps students to bridge the gap between university and workplace and finding a job in the SAP ecosystem.

SAP Digital Skills Training Program

This career transformation offering targets early talents aiming for a career shift
towards professional consulting. The 1-2 month certification program focuses on
SAP Cloud innovations. Participants will graduate as SAP Associate Consultants, immediately employable with SAP customers and partners to drive Cloud transformation. 

Stay updated with our news

BMW Group Accelerates Innovation Capability with Work-Ready SAP Skills

For the BMW Group in South Africa, the SAP Young Professional Program is an essential source for onboarding talent with in-demand digital skills. The global programme which runs under the umbrella of SAP Skills for Africa on the African continent, has allowed the BMW Group to play a crucial role in shaping South Africa’s ICT leaders of tomorrow. 

Advancing Digital Skills When Needed Most

As survivors of a global crisis, bright young professionals are entering the labor market equipped with new skills, fresh perspective, and boundless energy. These are the stories of recent graduates of the SAP Young Professionals program, who have good reason to celebrate as they establish their careers in a growing marketplace for SAP skills and digital jobs.

Closing Africa’s Digital Divide: Athenkosi Mali Lifts Up His World

With support, the young and ambitious in Africa are overcoming poverty and other hardships to the benefit of entire families, communities, and countries.

Public-private training initiative supports in closing the digital skills gap in an increasingly digital world

With 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, SAP customers and partners need SAP-skilled talents, enabled on SAP’s latest innovations, to satisfy their hiring demand. Matching this demand, especially for certified SAP Consultants, with the abundance of talented but unemployed youth, the SAP Training and Development Institute creates a quadruple-win situation through its various training initiatives.

SAP Equips Ajman University Students with Digital Career Skills

Ajman University (AU) and SAP have joined hands to train and certify students on SAP’s latest innovations paired with soft and future skills and hereby empower them to start a career in tech. The recent collaboration included SAP’s flagship digital skill build initiatives: the SAP Dual Study Program and the SAP Young Professional Program.

SAP Young Professionals Program Extends Digital Skills Build To Lusophone Africa

The Young Professionals Program is an initiative offered under the umbrella of SAP Skills for Africa, and has trained more than 1460 youths across the continent since its launch in 2012. Recently, the Young Professionals Program has significantly expanded its footprint. In 2021 alone, talents from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and, with the latest cohort, Angola and Mozambique, have graduated.

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