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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Make data meaningful with a single business semantic service unifying all data.

Business Semantic Service

Deliver business data in business terms.


Virtualized access

Access data with data virtualization, replication, and orchestration from SAP and third-party sources across cloud and on-premise applications.

Connectivity with SAP solutions

Keep the context and semantics of your SAP data to provide a deeper understanding of business information.

Data lineage tracing

Understand the sources and transformations of the underlying data for better quality and confidence.

Real-time data storage

Analyze data with in-memory speed – powered by SAP HANA Cloud for real-time insights.

Secure Workspaces

Provide dedicated virtual workspaces that act as insulated sandboxes.


User access

Analyze data independently in a dedicated space with user-friendly access to data sources, a business catalog, and intuitive data modeling and visualization tools.


Empower multiple users to work on the same data, share data models and insights, and rely on the same source of information. 

Open platform

Allow business analysts, data scientists, and developers to choose the best tool to get the job done. With a choice of tools and languages, open interfaces, and multi-cloud deployment options, you can leverage existing skills and cater to the needs of your business.

Security controls

Leverage authentication, row-level authorization, and data encryption techniques supported by various security certifications.

Reuse of Existing Investments

Preserve familiar connectivity to SAP data while extending your reach to new data.


Leveraging of models and transformations

Keep your customizations and protect your past investments, without having to rebuild data models.

Enhanced tools

Move 70% to 80% of existing business warehouse artifacts with transfer tools.

Familiar experience

Continue to utilize your expertise with access to a familiar modeling and development environment.

Third-Party Content

Extend the value of your core data with a data marketplace tailored for business users.  


Third-party services

Harmonize internal, real-time, and core data with external data by using standardized tools and services.

Simplified sourcing

Accelerate third-party data consumption with simple data integration, reduce data preparation time for users, and share data between teams and across organizations.

Rights management

Leverage spaces technology for third-party data rights compliance and usage and centralize data access for all functions.

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Explore the product road map

View our road map to explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions.

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