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SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) software

Get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost with global supply chain management (SCM) software and tools from SAP.

Enable resilient and sustainable supply chain management processes

Enable your company to stay resilient, agile, productive, and connected with our sustainable supply chain management software.

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Design recyclable, sustainable products

Connect systems, businesses, and processes while increasing the efficiency and innovation of your supply chain.

Plan to reduce emissions and ethically source materials

Make agile, market-driven plans with a supply chain software that grants visibility, collaboration, and intelligence.

Manufacture with minimal waste and environment impact

Trust SCM software to streamline manufacturing with artificial intelligence, IoT, and integration across the business.

Deliver products and services with low carbon impact

Run fast, efficient, and sustainable logistics with the support of a supply chain management software. 

Operate in an energy-efficient and safe manner

Improve asset performance and reliability with intelligent enterprise asset management software solutions.

Industry 4.0

Connect production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain.

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Utilities worker installing a solar panel to support greener supply chains

Reimagine your supply chain

Build a resilient and sustainable supply chain with SAP BTP, an agile technology platform using the latest technology innovations.

Read the document

Balancing the bottom line with the green line

Find out why creating and maintaining a greener supply chain is good for business, and explore challenges, solutions, and strategies for creating a sustainable supply chain.

Read the Oxford Economics report

SAP House Dubai at Expo 2020

October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainable supply chain management involves integrating environmentally and financially viable practices into the complete supply chain lifecycle, from product design and development to material selection, including raw material extraction or agricultural production, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation. View the sustainability demo for SAP Supply Chain Management solutions.

Supply chain resilience is "the capacity of a supply chain to persist, adapt, or transform in the face of change." If we learned nothing else from 2020, it was that business models need to be more resilient. ln the coming year, we’ll continue to see a greater shift to more resilient digital supply chain models as businesses focus on expanding or transforming capabilities to increase flexibility, visibility, and control. All to enable greater responsiveness to continuous disruption, demand changes, and uncertainty. View the resilient supply demo video on SAP Supply Chain Management solutions.

Green supply chain management (GSCM) refers to the concept of integrating sustainable environmental processes into the traditional supply chain. It's part of the supply chain paradox – balancing the bottom line with the green line. Find out why various industries are prioritizing sustainability in their supply chains, and explore the benefits, best practices, and technologies of a sustainable supply chain. Learn more about GSCM.

Transparency in a supply chain refers to the disclosure of information to trading partners, shareholders, customers, consumers, and regulatory bodies. Understanding your supply chain is more important than ever. Consumers are more concerned than ever about how their purchases impact their health, their communities, and the world at large.

Supply chain as a service (SCaaS) is an innovative new approach to supply chain that allows companies to generate a higher return on investment by partnering with one service partner to support all or part of their supply chain needs, including procurement, production control, manufacturing, quality, warehousing, and logistics. SAP Business Network is a unified network that harmonizes previously disconnected supply chains into a unified, collaborative, and intelligent network.  

Digital Supply Chain webcast series

Discover the critical role of the supply chain in the Intelligent Enterprise.

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