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SAP Leonardo – built for all industries, tailored for yours

Rapidly solve your industry-specific challenges with an SAP Leonardo industry innovation kit.
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Our industry innovation kits combine deep industry expertise with pre-integrated capabilities to rapidly solve critical industry problems. With fixed pricing and a single contract, our kits can simplify your transformation.

Explore the appropriate kit for your industry


Manufacture customer-centric smart vehicles by embedding intelligence into the production and supply chain.

High Tech

Digitize your high-tech supply chain from idea to finished product or service. Improve customer insight and build a community of loyal users and advocates.
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Service and Assets

Proactively maintain your assets with predictive maintenance strategies that help you pinpoint and eliminate potential issues.


Keep production lines moving and ensure orders are delivered to the right place at the right times – so you can meet promised delivery schedules.

Spare Parts

Seamlessly integrate additive manufacturing and 3D printing into your spare parts supply chain to reduce costs and ensure customer satisfaction.


Reduce pay-for-outcome business model risk and complexity. Assess customer eligibility, establish and automate pricing, and facilitate repairs.

Industrial Machinery and Components

Satisfy your customers’ changing production needs by connecting your industrial and discrete manufacturing processes to maximize efficiency and adaptability.
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Service and Assets

Use insights based on live sensor data to deliver new value-added services. Optimize asset management, maintain complex equipment, and predict and prevent failures. 


Control and monitor your complete supply and delivery chain, as well as ensure all components for an order are available at the right place, at the right time.

Spare Parts

Integrate additive manufacturing and 3D printing into your service parts supply chain to reduce costs and improve customer, service partner, and dealer satisfaction.


Manage the risk and complexity of a pay-for-outcome (PfO) business model. Assess customer eligibility, determine fair but profitable pricing, and facilitate repairs.

Consumer Products

Create new business models focused entirely around the end consumer. Deliver products as services, serve the “segment of one”, optimize logistics, and more.
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Manage your branded coolers with greater ease and speed. Real-time visibility and automation helps you protect your in-store products and prevent spoilage.


Deliver high-quality finished goods on time. Use connected vehicles and equipment to gain a real-time view of shipment status and optimize production and delivery logistics.

Cold Chain Logistics

Optimize cold chain logistics for fresh and frozen goods. Monitor and control temperature conditions for inbound ingredients, production processes, and outbound shipments.

Life Sciences

Use innovative technologies to improve manufacturing controls and efficiently create highly-regulated pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Provide a connected, seamless, and frictionless shopping experience that caters to each customer and operate with unprecedented efficiency.
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Proactively manage freezers, coolers, and other refrigeration units to protect product quality and reduce cost. Predict and prevent failures, automate work orders, and more.


Gain insight into planned versus actual logistical flows. With a real-time view of products across the supply and delivery chain, you can manage and react to changes faster.

Zero Waste

Accurately forecast demand for perishable goods, and automate daily instructions for what to prepare, bake, and stock, to eliminate expired food and prevent revenue loss.


Respond to manufacturing challenges unique to producing chemical compounds so you can deliver unquestionable quality standards.
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Service and Assets

Act on sensor and condition data from connected equipment to optimize performance and availability, as well predict and prevent failures to keep production processes running smoothly.

Spare Parts

Efficiently integrate emerging additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology into your spare parts supply and delivery chain to optimize inventories and reduce delivery costs.


Use data-driven technologies to mitigate risks and proactively improve worker safety while reducing costs, protecting the environment, and keeping your license to operate.

Oil and Gas

Create customer-centered, digital energy networks that are resistant to volatility – and that fuel efficient resource management and lower operational risk.


Power a sustainable future with a digital framework that helps you anticipate supply and demand, operate self-healing grids, and transform the customer experience.

Sports and Entertainment

Get the deepest understanding of players, patrons, visitors, and fans to win on the field, on the screen, and on the world´s stage.
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Team Gold

Leverage data collected on players and opposing teams to prepare for game day and make real-time pivots at live events.

Team Silver

Fine-tune your talent with an easy-to-use platform that helps you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of players and competing teams.


Maximize revenues by making sure your stadium’s critical infrastructure, such as turnstiles and parking gates, run smoothly at peak times.


Improve service and retention with key customer segments through a monetized, sensor-based environment that makes good on the Big Data promise.


Intelligently optimize transportation operations through an alliance that paves the way for safer fleets, more uptime, and satisfied customers.
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