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Transform the employee experience

Embrace human experience management (HXM) to increase workforce engagement and performance and boost business growth.

Close the workforce experience gap

Collect feedback throughout the employee journey and turn that insight into action to better engage employees and transform business results. 

Deliver cohesive experiences to improve engagement

Refine the workforce experience, increase employee satisfaction, and adapt quickly to changing needs.

Take Charge of Change

Listen to what your employees are in need of and how they feel, acting accordingly to ensure their safety, well being and everything that matters even in moments of disruption like the one we are living now, leveraging a modern Human Experience Platform.

Increase organizational agility

Bring more value to the planning table, respond to short-term needs, and improve day-to-day and long-term decision-making. 

Improve the employee experience

Explore how companies are enhancing the workforce experience with real-time, mobile, and self-service processes.

25 %

reduction in IT and HR process costs.

12 %

less time spent on HR administration.

15 seconds

to post a position, compared to three days in the past.

Provide a smooth ride for employees

Focus on the workforce experience to improve process visibility and employee

Heraeus Group: How Do You Prepare Your People and Your Business for the Digital Future?

Learn how high tech company Heraeus transformed its HR processes as its first step of enterprise-wide digital transformation, eliminating manual processes and empowering employees to focus on innovation and future growth.

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