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Tap into the power of people analytics

Make faster, more informed decisions by embedding intelligence into end-to-end HR processes.


Leverage people data to drive business results and outperform the competition

Organizations today understand that people are key to your success and that you must be able to monitor HR activities that impact the business in real time, as well as measure the outcomes of strategic people initiatives over time.

Solution benefits

  • Better alignment of HR with corporate strategy to drive growth
  • Identification of risks and opportunities related to your workforce so you can quickly take action
  • Increased understanding of key people metrics to make strategic decisions and move the business forward

Business value

  • Tell compelling, evidence-based stories about your workforce with interactive HR analytics and visualizations
  • Make faster, more informed decisions based on data-driven insight across all HR processes 
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce and reduce bias in decision-making

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

Gain the insights you need to lead your workforce, accelerate change, and drive results.


Standardized HR metrics

Take advantage of an extensive catalog of predelivered HR and talent metrics.

Data trending

Track trends through time and across different periods, such as annual, quarterly, monthly, and seasonal time models.

Actionable analytics

Answer key questions about your workforce and spot risks and opportunities rapidly with visual, interactive HR analytics.

Integrated data foundation

Integrate data from multiple systems to create a solid data foundation and rely on SAP software to help manage data quality.

A more caring and trusted people-first team-member culture is having a positive impact on our business as a whole, especially for our customer experiences.

Mark Mitchell, Managing Director of HR Shared Services, American Airlines Group Read the customer story

SAP Digital Boardroom

Equip your chief HR officer and C-level executives with real-time, contextual information and ad hoc analysis.


Intelligent meetings

Transform steering meetings with a unique user experience that supports interactive insights for better outcomes.

Instant data-driven insights

Answer ad hoc questions on the fly with powerful analytics and a simple, intuitive user interface.

Planning and simulation

Use ad hoc and what-if analysis to explore alternative courses of action and compare the impact of potential decisions.

Best-practice business content

Speed time to value with predefined queries, data models, visualizations, and best practices.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Get all the cloud analytics features you need – business intelligence (BI), augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise planning – in a single solution.

Strategic workforce planning

View, assess, and design your workforce in a way that supports your business strategy.

Augmented analytics

Make smarter and faster decisions with AI-driven insights.

Business Intelligence

Explore data across the organization and deliver insights at the point of decision with intuitive self-service analytics.

End-to-end experience

Access all analytics with one user experience.


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Expert services and support

Get the support you need to expertly run, use, and maintain your SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Service offerings

Drive innovation, accelerate your migration to the cloud, and simplify your digital HR transformation with services and support offerings from SAP.

Support offerings

Rely on proactive, predictive, and preventive support across all deployment options and use new technologies to realize your business goals quickly. 

Resource Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Search the list below to find answers to frequently asked questions for analytics and workforce planning.


What is a workforce planning model?

A workforce planning model is a data-driven method for forecasting, analyzing, and assessing the potential outcomes of planning decisions. SAP Analytics Cloud software provides financial modeling and impact analysis tools for strategic workforce planning that helps companies prepare for future employee needs. You can use them to calculate current and future workforce demand, test changes to compensation and benefits, compare the results of plans and strategies, and more.

What is SAP HR analytics?

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, also known as SAP HR analytics, provides data-driven insights into all of a company’s HR processes. The solution offers an extensive catalog of predefined HR and talent metrics, data trend tracking, and actionable analytics. It can also integrate data from multiple systems, such as core HR and talent management. These evidence-based tools make it possible to answer workforce-related questions quickly, analyze and spot workforce gaps and trends, and make decisions with confidence.

What is SAP HR shift planning?

HR shift planning capabilities at SAP are provided through SAP Time and Attendance Management by WorkForce Software. The cloud solution combines historical data such as customer traffic, card scans, and payment data with future projections, allowing managers to create data-based shift schedules that meet both their and their employees’ needs. It also includes an app that lets employees view their schedule and easily accept offered shifts. With efficient HR shift planning, you can reduce overtime expenses, helps to avoid labor issues, and dramatically reduces the time spent doing manual shift planning.

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