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Brands for Good

Strengthening and revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development

Brands for Good

SAP SuccessFactors is a founding member of the Sustainable Brands / Brands for Good movement, which was launched in June 2019 to help make sustainable living easier and more rewarding for people around the world. The founders are all global brand leaders in the food and beverage, consumer goods and lifestyle, retail, and technology industries – and all are on the cutting edge of sustainability, innovation, and marketing. Together, they agreed to harness their brand reach, resources, and influence to make the “good life” more attractive and attainable.

SAP SuccessFactors’ decision to be a co-leader of the Brands for Good movement was based on our belief that a powerful opportunity exists in connecting employees with their brand’s purpose and sustainability goals. We want to celebrate the people behind the brands that are working towards positive change.

Collaborating on Micro-Apps

Through SAP.iO and the HR Community Applications, SAP brings together organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to co-create simple solutions to big problems. We are building an open community of stand-alone, purpose-built, and easy to-consume HR applications. These “micro” applications are designed to tackle the most critical people issues facing HR executives today. And they offer a curated set of solutions to augment existing systems – and tap into the latest sources of innovation faster than ever.

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