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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained and inclusive economic growth; full and productive employment; and decent work for all

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8

SAP SuccessFactors in collaboration with SHRM released New Research on Gig and External Workers that exposes the gaps in understanding the external workforce. The findings point to a definite need for sustainable work arrangements between workers of all types and the businesses that employ them.

“The size and importance of the external workforce continues to grow. As a society, we need to create conditions where external work is a more viable arrangement for businesses and workers alike,” reports Autumn Krauss, principal scientist, Human Capital Management Research, SAP SuccessFactors. “The first step in doing this is understanding all stakeholders’ points of view, which we’ve done with this research program. Our research with SHRM will help organizations increase the maturity of their approach to external workforce management through better cultural integration, total workforce practices, and technology applications, resulting in a positive external worker experience and business impact.”

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