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Sales Performance Management

Maximize sales performance with automated processes, intuitive user interfaces, and impactful incentive compensation management.

Powerful, flexible, and scalable sales performance management

By providing your salespeople and agents with the tools they need to help your business succeed and compensating them for their achievements, you can drive performance to increase sales and support business growth.

Delivering powerful sales experiences at scale

The SAP Sales Performance Management portfolio provides agile and connected sales commissions, agent, and territory and quota solutions that can help you motivate sales teams and improve operational efficiency to achieve the best business results.

  • Built-in workflows
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Rich analytics and personalized dashboards

Key Benefits

Deliver engaging user experiences

Maximize user engagement by providing an intuitive, guided interface to track earnings, investigate disputes, and learn about new promotions and campaigns.

Enhance scalability and flexibility

Meet evolving business needs with a best-in-class architecture that delivers robust compensation plans built for speed, concurrency, and performance.

Gain a unified view of variable compensation

Meet the needs of your distributed workforce with automated, connected solutions that offer a single source of information on everything from salary to stock options.

Explore our sales performance management products

Maximize sales performance through effective incentive compensation management

  • Streamline commissions and incentive compensation processes
  • Increase payment accuracy with one-click traceability
  • Optimize plan performance with AI

Increase territory revenue and sales quota attainment

  • Optimize territory coverage
  • Maximize quota attainment
  • Empower sellers and reduce turnover

Streamline agent lifecycle management

  • Elevate the agent experience
  • Help eliminate errors and administrative burden
  • Automate and enhance compliance processes

Build a business case

Gaining a unified view of sales

The world of sales performance management is only getting more complex, which makes motivating and retaining sales staff a critical priority. Learn about the essentials for optimizing sales performance today.

Modernizing sales performance management systems

The sales force is a critical component of any business. Explore how modern sales performance management platforms can help you harness the power of your sales team and create a more effective sales environment. 

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