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Get started with SAP Crystal Reports

View the step by step process to get you started with SAP Crystal Reports

Download SAP Crystal Reports software

Try SAP Crystal Reports for 30 days then purchase the software for use in your company.

Installation and setup

Learn to continue with an installation of Crystal Reports 2016 by replacing the trial keycode with a production license and setup the software in your environment.

User guide

Read our user guide for step by step walk throughs on building reports and completing common reporting tasks.

Start using SAP Crystal Reports

Realize business results fast with expert-led training, hands-on experience, and best practices for SAP Crystal Reports. 

Step 1: Connect a data source

Follow the steps to learn how to connect to a data source when building your report with the report wizard or the blank report option.

Step 2: Create reports

Learn how to create and publish a report.

Step 3: Sharing reports

Share reports with end users without the need to design or modify the report.

Step 4: Download latest service packs

Explore our latest service packs to upgrade and deploy support packages and patches with updates and enhancements.

Blockchain news from SAP

Investing in transparency to create customer trust

Discover how Bumble Bee Foods uses blockchain technology from SAP to accurately trace the origins and delivery of its products and combat mislabeling in the seafood industry.

Eliminate counterfeits with blockchain innovation

Learn how a blockchain solution from SAP helps wholesalers comply with a U.S. regulation for verifying prescription drugs that are returned and intended for resale.

Co-innovating to fight smartphone theft

Through a joint project, Deutsche Telekom, Camelot ITLab, and SAP are building a blockchain network to prevent cell phones from being stolen.

Learn more about SAP Crystal Reports

Find the information you need to implement, maintain, and enhance your SAP Crystal Reports software.

Community and Events

Join our online community

Network with other SAP Crystal Reports customers, get insights from product  experts, share your knowledge, and attend year-round events.

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