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Run an intelligent, sustainable enterprise

Perform at your best with SAP solutions that can help you become resilient, profitable, and sustainable.

What is an intelligent, sustainable enterprise?

An intelligent, sustainable enterprise is one that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. SAP can help you build an intelligent, sustainable enterprise by enabling you to:

  • Employ tools to understand what's happening across your business and why 
  • Infuse AI and machine learning into your business processes
  • Embed sustainable practices into the core of your business strategy and operations
  • Build flexible value chains and apply leading-edge industry practices to optimize your business
  • Implement vertical industry-specific processes in the cloud to run your value chain end to end

Enabling you to create an intelligent, sustainable enterprise

At SAP, we provide the foundation for companies to break down departmental silos and adopt dynamic, cross-functional business processes to deliver optimal experiences. 

Highlighted solutions within our framework:
Sustainable business solutions

Become best-run by running sustainably with SAP solutions for sustainability that can help you understand and manage your impact on people and the environment.

Business technology platform

Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere on one holistic platform.

Artificial intelligence

Perform at your best by tapping into AI with comprehensive and transformation processes to immediately optimize every aspect of your business.

Business network

Unify every point of interaction and integration across your trading partners to help your business move faster than it ever has before with SAP Business Network. 

Industry cloud

Discover and deploy vertical solutions from SAP and our partners to apply leading-edge industry best practices and extend your current business processes.

Extended planning and analysis

Establish a simplified, comprehensive planning process that connects financial, supply chain, and workforce into one integrated plan across lines of business.

Experience management

Gain insights into customer, employee, and business stakeholder sentiment with Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics. 

Business process management

Transform processes and achieve customer excellence at scale by efficiently analyzing, modeling, simulating, automating, improving, and monitoring processes.



RISE with SAP can enable you to run an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.

What do leading analysts say about SAP?

Industry cloud and value networks: Five essential practices

Discover the importance of the industry cloud and business network as key enablers of digital transformation across industry ecosystems in this IDC report.

Taking corporate sustainability from commitment to impact

Learn how companies are driving comprehensive sustainability across the value chain and improving business performance with integrated technology and data management solutions.

New technology: The projected total economic impact of SAP ’s industry cloud approach

Learn how SAP’s industry cloud helps companies transform their businesses through the adoption of industry-specific best practices, processes, and solutions.

Intelligent Enterprise Institute

SAP has founded the Intelligent Enterprise Institute, which will provide tailor-made support intended to help business owners get the most out of their SAP landscape. The Intelligent Enterprise Institute offers expertise in Data Management, Business Process improvements, Experience management, and Sustainability provided via labs.


The Data Lab helps customers define business outcome-driven data strategy, and realize data as an asset. Data Lab combines the power of SAP data management services and technologies to help our customers discover a new approach to data-driven business models.


The Process Lab of the Intelligent Enterprise Institute, promises a ground for process innovation and optimization based on the latest technologies and best practices. Customers will have the chance to create their own high-level process innovation and optimization roadmap.


The Experience Lab aims to help our customers to listen to what is happening around their business, or their experience data, and to understand why. Customers will have the chance to design their experience management journey and to draw the initial high-level roadmap.


The Sustainability Lab will help our customers start the dialogue for a more sustainable business. Customers will have the chance to think, re-evaluate, and re-create their business around sustainability.

If you want to optimize your business and get the most out of your SAP landscape, please contact us,
You can also contact us via your Technical Quality Manager (TQM),  who is in charge of your SAP MaxAttention contract.

Improve your business processes enterprise-wide

Enterprise resource planning

Equip your entire organization with the ability to understand the financial context and profitability impact of decisions and plans and achieve new levels of productivity by automating workflows.

Human capital management

Provide cohesive experiences that improve engagement by linking people strategies to business priorities and gaining full organizational visibility into talent and related finances. 

Supply chain management

Improve reliability and performance by gaining full transparency across your networks. Embedded AI and real-time insights can enable you to take immediate action to align with changing conditions.

Spend management

Embed intelligent technologies and analytics across global spend processes and deliver comprehensive compliance and supplier management by capturing spend data from all sources.

Customer relationship management

Deliver personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences through in-depth customer understanding, effective engagement across every touch point, and exceptional delivery of a personal experience. 


Enable IT to be a true partner in defining your organization’s digital transformation road maps, providing your team with the fastest way to develop apps, integrate processes, and deliver data insights to enrich your core business processes.

Run like an intelligent enterprise

SAP has developed four core end-to-end processes that run every enterprise in any industry. These offer significant value, from accelerated innovation and lower integration risk to reduced complexity of operations, supported by prebuilt integration on SAP Business Technology Platform.

Integrated sales experience – from lead to cash

SAP delivers an intelligent, integrated lead-to-cash business process that covers all stages – from initial contact with a prospective customer to order fulfillment and service delivery – driving revenue opportunity and optimizing the experience along the entire customer journey.

  • Build a qualified pipeline faster by ensuring sales leads are automatically assigned, resulting in increased sales efficiency, which allows your sales reps to focus on building the pipeline
  • Create flexible business models to handle multiple product types – from physical to service to subscription – to meet the needs of your customers on their terms
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by integrating automated planning to optimize travel routes, matching the right techs with the right skills to the right jobs, and doing so sustainably

Products: The SAP solutions used to achieve this end-to-end process are SAP Marketing CloudSAP Sales CloudSAP Commerce CloudSAP Service CloudSAP Customer Data CloudSAP S/4HANA Cloud


Sustainable supply chain – from design to operate

SAP delivers an intelligent, integrated design-to-operate business process that combines the latest technologies and encompasses the entire manufacturing lifecycle. It leverages the interoperable and modular framework of the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) application to run a resilient and sustainable supply chain.

  • Deliver exceptional products by collecting user feedback to prioritize product requirements and improve design quality, so you can deliver products that customers love
  • Enable synchronized planning across the plan-to-fulfill process using built-in scheduling capabilities that allow users to compare deployment options and optimize the supply chain network
  • Build an effective asset maintenance plan by automatically broadcasting new assets to drive process automation for comprehensive asset documentation, fostering productive collaboration between suppliers and dealers

Products: The SAP solutions used to achieve this end-to-end process are SAP S/4HANA CloudSAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply ChainSAP Asset Intelligence NetworkSAP Internet of Things, SAP Transportation Management, and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.


Delivering the right product in the right place at the right time

Find out how Dohler is optimizing shipments from 50 global locations to serve more than 10,000 customers.

18% increase in production performance

Learn how Werner & Mertz is achieving highly automated and standardized production processes from design to operate.

Intelligent spend management – from source to pay

Optimize, simplify, and manage all spend processes and spend categories to drive business outcomes – facilitating the transition from digital to autonomous procurement with lower TCO and leveraging the collective intelligence and network effect of the marketplace.

  • Reimagine the buying experience by enabling a central place for procurement that provides end-to-end visibility and empowers employees with a simple, smart, and self-service-compliant purchasing experience
  • Minimize spend risk by offering sophisticated sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all types of spend, fully integrated into powerful and scalable execution and procurement processes provided by SAP S/4HANA for procurement planning
  • Accelerate trading partner collaboration through modern supplier management capabilities for supplier discovery, qualification, and segmentation, supplemented by the automation of the entire order-to-invoice process for touchless, intelligent document exchange with zero processing errors

Products: The SAP solutions used to achieve this end-to-end process are SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Ariba solutions, and SAP Fieldglass solutions.


100% automation of the ordering process

Discover how Henkel's unified source-to-purchase platform is bringing together buyers, suppliers, and shared-service centers.

100% of spend centralized across capital and operational portfolios

Consider how BHP optimized a procurement spend of more than US$20 billion per year across 10,000 suppliers.

Human experience management – from recruit to retire

Understand, manage, and optimize all aspects of the workforce (employees and external workers) in line with business objectives and with clear financial impact – facilitating exceptional workforce experiences and business transformation.           

  • Build and operate a transparent organization by ensuring the consistency of employee positions, organizational charts, and vacancies, providing business leaders with full visibility into the organization's total workforce
  • Reduce time to hire by providing access to requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices to streamline the hiring process, accelerating the overall time to hire
  • Make talent decisions proactively by allowing organizations to collaborate on talent decisions with a common people data model shared across the portfolio

Products: The SAP solutions used to achieve this end-to-end process are SAP S/4HANA CloudSAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and SAP Fieldglass solutions.


30% reduction in recruit time

Find out how FRoSTA is engaging employees to reduce environmental impact and build a more sustainable future.

90% increase in operational excellence

See how Power Integration Holding (PIH) increased operational excellence by 90%, while significantly reducing administrative tasks.

Building your intelligent enterprise foundation

SAP takes a holistic integration approach by integrating data, technology, and business processes to deliver significant value to your business. SAP supports you at every step of your journey by taking the complexity out of your integrations. 

  • Suite qualities: SAP’s integrated suite of applications delivers a consistent experience across mission-critical end-to-end processes by consistently applying a set of common suite qualities across SAP applications, all supported by one common platform, SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Integrated applications and processes across all landscapes: SAP Integration Suite is an enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS) that allows you to smoothly integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes with tools and prebuilt content managed by SAP
  • One platform: As the underlying technology for the suite qualities, SAP Business Technology Platform integrates your processes and data, as well as SAP, partner, and third-party applications. You can build new applications or extend your SAP applications, transform your data into value, and drive desired business outcomes

Products: The SAP solutions that can help you build your intelligent enterprise are SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Integration Suite.


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