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What is source to pay (S2P)?

Integrate complex, often cumbersome, processes for buying goods and services into a unified platform that efficiently handles sourcing, payment, and everything in between.

Source-to-pay process overview

Source-to-pay (S2P) is a process that starts with finding, negotiating with, and contracting the supplier of goods, and culminates in final payment for those goods.


S2P software relies on technology, big data, and digital networks to create procurement efficiency. Rather than treat procurement as a series of disparate tasks, best-in-class organizations aggregate purchases across business units to improve performance, provide better spend analysis, and drive business value.

Digitalization of core source-to-pay processes and documents simplifies the procurement process and fuels collaboration.

Benefits of a source-to-pay platform

Those who adopt a source-to-pay platform:

  • See higher sourcing savings through increased visibility into procurement
  • Integrate key processes into a single platform to get to signed-contracts faster
  • Strengthen procedural, regulatory, and contractual compliance
  • Improve collaboration, trust, and spend among trading partners
  • Negotiate better pricing and have more accurate forecasting

Benchmark your procurement KPIs

See how leading companies perform on key procurement metrics.

Improve access to intelligence, manage spend, and maintain compliance 


Source-to-pay software turns what is traditionally a complex and inefficient procurement process into a source of productivity, cost savings, transparency, and value creation. With embedded source-to-pay best practices, collaboration among buyers and suppliers improves, deals get done faster, and human errors are reduced or eliminated altogether.


Transform the source-to-pay process for procurement and finance teams 


Fully digitalize, integrate, and automate the entire source-to-pay process into a single platform – from sourcing and contracting to buying and paying.

  • Vet suppliers quickly and more accurately
  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes
  • Place and receive orders faster
  • Check budgets and approvals with dynamic purchasing units
  • Manage suppliers, processes, and budgets from anywhere in the world
  • Free up staff to focus on more strategic activities



Get started with source-to-pay solutions

Improve your source-to-contract cycle time and material costs.

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