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SAP TechEd News Guide 2022

Building Intelligent and Resilient Enterprises

Amid a rapidly shifting business landscape, SAP continues to focus on enabling customers’ resilience. An all-new native Web entry point for business apps increases productivity in the cloud and out of the box. New releases in our mobile app portfolio help customers execute critical business decisions anywhere, anytime. And we’ve significantly reduced the time it takes to get public cloud customers up and running, giving them more opportunity to focus on delivering results.

SAP Start – The new entry point for cloud solutions from SAP

SAP announces SAP Start, the new central entry point into the intelligent enterprise, provided by SAP free of charge and out-of-the-box with all cloud solutions from SAP.


This new standard offering provides the most relevant business information in one central place based on the user’s role and is federated from all connected cloud solutions from SAP. The offering enables easy search and navigation to cloud business apps from SAP as well visibility into the status of tasks from the connected business solutions.


Dedicated insight cards give an overview of business information from the connected solutions. Examples include sales pipelines, project status reports, and leave requests. Several cards offer direct action inside SAP Start – approving or rejecting a purchase request is one example. Users can navigate directly from a card in SAP Start to the respective cloud business solution for further details and action.


SAP Start is currently available in beta. Further customer rollout is planned to start in H2 2023. The offering corresponds to the currently available mobile-native SAP Mobile Start app.


Learn more about SAP Mobile Start.



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Less than 30 days: Shorter implementation time for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

SAP announces a new implementation offering that dramatically shortens the time it takes to begin running SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. Implementation now takes 30 days or less.


From scoping and configuration to data provisioning and a simplified testing process, the offering provides customers with a solid foundation to take advantage of the cloud for their end-to-end business processes. This makes it possible for SAP customers and their partners to focus on value-added activities and deliver results.


The offering includes:

  • Ready-to-work best practices for end-to-end business processes
  • Faster customer onboarding process using configuration automation in the SAP Cloud ALM solution
  • Accelerated business configuration using automation to enable mass upload
  • Simplified testing process using templates and SAP Build Process Automation


By eliminating manual tasks through automation, tests by SAP's product management team have shown that customers can see:

  • 70% quicker time-to-value
  • 90% faster time-to-load business configuration data
  • 60% faster testing time
  • 50% decrease in overall project-person days


Customers who make use of this new implementation offering receive the standard solution scope as well as full access to localization, extensibility, and a full suite of additional options to tackle top business priorities.


Read more here.



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Enhancements to SAP’s mobile app portfolio

New releases in SAP's mobile app portfolio include:

  • SAP Mobile Start: SAP Mobile Start introduces an advanced monitoring tile so users receive more insight from their business data. It also provides in-app feedback capabilities so users can easily share their feedback with the team. The app is also available in China.
  • SAP Service and Asset Manager: The upcoming release of the SAP Service and Asset Manager mobile app will support Microsoft Windows. iOS and Android devices are already supported.
  • SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app: The SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app is now available as part of SAP Ariba solutions. The app supports buyers with a consumer-grade shopping experience on iOS and Android devices by providing features such as buy-now, voice-to-text search, augmented reality, and sustainability information.
  • SAP Warehouse Operator: The SAP Warehouse Operator mobile app is now available to be used on iOS. This enables people across the supply chain to work easily with the tools they know, enabling flexibility, reduced errors, and fast-tracked onboarding for new employees. The app empowers warehouse employees and robots to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Read more about the mobile experience from SAP.

SAP Service and Asset Manager is available on SAP Store here.



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SAP Enable Now supports user adoption in more than 90 languages

The SAP Enable Now solution provides machine learning-enabled real-time translation of learning content in more than 90 languages. Now available in the user's language of choice, the solution provides in-application assistance and learning content – including tutorials and guided tours – to give users the knowledge they need to adopt an application as easily as possible.


Learn more about SAP Enable Now.

It's available on SAP Store here.



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SAP Field Service Management enables no-code auto-scheduling

The new policy designer feature in the SAP Field Service Management solution enables customers with no technical expertise to view and modify auto-scheduling policies. The new drag-and-drop, no-code environment makes it simpler to tailor business rules to optimize field service processes. This means customers can customize scheduling policies to deliver desired outcomes.


SAP's standard policies are available in SAP Field Service Management and can be used with this new feature. Standard policies – such as business rules, planning widget, best-matching technician, appointment booking API, and more – can be copied and modified to create a new custom policy tailored to a customer's specific requirements.


Some of the key highlights of the new feature include the ability to:

  • Remove existing rules and objectives from a policy
  • Add new operators, rules, and objectives to a policy
  • Keep track of policy changes with the help of versioning
  • Save work in progress in a draft state without affecting the currently released policy version
  • Fall back on previous versions if needed

Read the road map here

It's available on SAP Store here.



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SAP ONE Support Launchpad migrates to SAP for Me

The SAP for Me portal is the new single-entry point for customers to receive support from SAP. The new portal enables customers to find the information they need in one place. The digital support experience is personalized and simplified so users can easily navigate SAP for Me to find what they need. All tasks currently performed on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad will soon be available in SAP for Me.


Managing support-related tasks is simpler in the new app, which offers digital self-service features. Customers can easily request support and resolve issues with an end-to-end view of their personalized product portfolio. Users of SAP for Me can also check contract and consumption status and will benefit from services, including cloud system self-provisioning.


The migration will take place in Q1 2023.

Read more about the launchpad migration here.

Read here how SAP is bringing cloud software repurchases in minutes to customers and partners via SAP for Me on SAP Store.

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