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SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform free trial now includes Cloud Foundry and offers the flexibility to use the infrastructure provider of your choice. Learn more


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SAP Cloud Platform provides you with a flexible, open, and integrated platform for all your integration, extension, and application development needs. Learn about the capabilities it offers and how to get started below.


New to SAP Cloud Platform?

Learn about some of the key features that make SAP Cloud Platform a complete, enterprise-grade solution for your development, runtime, and operational needs. ​


You can select the services you need for your business scenario, and choose your preferred persistence layer, cloud provider, region, and environment (Cloud Foundry, Neo, ABAP, and soon Kubernetes too). ​


Extend your existing on-premises or cloud solutions, or build new applications in a complete and integrated environment. Open APIs allow you to connect diverse systems and share relevant data, and API management tools allow you to create and even monetize your own APIs.​

Security and User Management​

Ensure the security of your systems and data by managing access using OAuth 2.0 and Keystore services, for example. User provisioning, authorization, and authentication ensure that only the right people can access the correct data.

Orchestration and User Experience​

Your solutions are built to meet the needs of your business and users, and the SAP Cloud Platform supports that by allowing you to define your business rules and workflow. Your users can access information and make decisions using a responsive UI and consistent UX, on any device, while using integrated analytics  and collaboration tools.​

Developer Experience and Operations​

Develop, deploy and configure your solutions. Manage your code with Git integration and services, debug your Java code, or use our integrated development environment to build or extend your business apps from end-to-end. A range of tools for app profiling, lifecycle management, scaling, logging, scheduling, and monitoring, make your DevOps easier.​

Do More

The services available on the SAP Cloud Platform mean you can focus on solving your specific challenges; generic issues like translation, tax, and output management are already solved. Incorporate emergent technologies in your new solutions to create value and meet future challenges now.

SAP Cloud Platform capabilities

The categories below highlight some of the services available on the SAP Cloud Platform. For a complete overview of all services and their availability as trial versions, please refer to the Regions and Service Portfolio.

Capability Description
Embed advanced analytics into your solutions and gain real-time insight.​​
Bring people together, and securely access and share business content. Gather user feedback and collaborate with your colleagues.
Data Management​
Define how your data is stored, organized, and retained. Choose from a number of options for your persistency layer. ​
Data Privacy & Security
Ensure that your solutions run securely. Utilize a range of authorization and authentication tools, and manage keys and certificates. ​
Developer Experience
Develop, deploy and configure your solutions. Manage and debug your code, and benefit from a powerful integrated development environment.
Increase developer productivity by simplifying development & operations. Manage the lifecycle of your apps and solutions, and use monitoring and logging to track their performance.
Document Management Process, store and manage your digital content.​
Meet regulatory requirements and ensure legal compliance around the globe.​
Securely integrate your cloud and on-premises applications. Connect your systems and applications, and manage and monetize your APIs. ​
Internet of Things
Develop, deploy, and manage real time IoT applications.
Master Data
Manage and reuse your master data across different solutions.​
Deliver enterprise-grade native and hybrid mobile apps.
Define how your business processes run across your solutions.
Output Management
Create and share output generated from your data.​
User Experience
Deliver a personalized, responsive, and simple user experience.​
User Management
Manage users, and their access to your solutions.​

Try it now

The developer edition is a free, perpetual license for you to use for evaluation and development purposes. In addition to SAP HANA and the comprehensive set of platform services, you’ll also find our newest BETA features. Try it now!

You get:

  • 1GB shared SAP HANA
  • Early access to beta functionality
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal
  • SAP Web IDE
  • SAP Cloud Platform mobile services
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration OData Provisioning

You can:

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