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ABAP Programming


Learn ABAP Programming


Here we provide official resources to learn ABAP - tutorials, community, and details on the ABAP Platform.


New to the ABAP platform?

Learn about the platform behind the ABAP language and its powerful cababilities. Get to know the wide range of technology highlights for modern application development of ABAP-based business applications.

Modern ABAP Language

Expression-oriented syntax, advanced table operations, new data types and further declarative and functional modernizations in ABAP language allow you to write simple and concise ABAP code.

Power of SAP HANA with ABAP-managed code pushdown

Transactional, analytical and search apps can be built based on a common optimized and standardized data model with ABAP Core Data Services (CDS). Broad coverage of SQL standard in Open SQL and SAP HANA code breakouts using ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) and CDS Table Functions allow to access the powerful native SAP HANA capabilities.

Efficient programming model for SAP S/4HANA

Modern and efficient programming model for all types of SAP Fiori business apps in SAP S/4HANA on all devices, optimized for SAP HANA, based on new and proven technologies like CDS, BOPF and SAP Gateway and including common cloud qualities like extensibility.

Developer efficiency & quality assurance

Superior open and extensible toolset for full-fledged ABAP development in Eclipse, advanced quality assurance tools and support for SAP HANA migration, SAP S/4HANA conversion, test, troubleshooting, test seams and injections, unit testing static code checks (CVA, ATC) and runtime monitoring (SQL Monitor, SQL Trace).

Real-time programming & Industrial IoT

ABAP Channels infrastructure facilitates real-time user experience in ABAP especially for event-driven, interactive and collaborative use cases. Industrial IoT scenarios, based on direct communication between shop-floor devices and ABAP systems are ensured through native support of WebSockets and TCP/IP connectivity within ABAP Channels.


Broad spectrum of capabilities that allows SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite customers and partners to adapt standard business software to their business needs. It ranges from business configuration, full-blown and key user in-app extensibility - like UI adaptation, custom fields and logic - to side-by-side extensibility through SAP Cloud Platform.

Under the hood

The ABAP platform is a complete application development and runtime platform.

The ABAP platform provides a rock solid and scalable server, an effective programming environment for modern ABAP development, built for the complete life cycle of business apps. The ABAP platform makes it easy to exploit SAP HANA and build SAP Fiori business apps and is continuously extended to serve new business scenarios.

Summary matrix

Feature Details
Application Server Highly scalable and robust, multi-layer architecture, powerful transaction management, central server-based development  and runtime environment,  built-In vendor independent database support 
Lifecycle Management Integrated Source Code and Version Management, comprehensive Change and Transport Management (CTS) for the whole system landscape (with CTS+ even for ABAP and non-ABAP objects in one transport), support for time saving upgrade, and installation of Support Packages, Add-ons, and Enhancement Packages
User Centricity
On every device, socially-oriented, highly interactive, browser based SAP Fiori, SAPUI5. Web Dynpro ABAP / FPM, and SAP GUI
Modern ABAP  Programming Simplified, expression-oriented, modern ABAP language with advanced table operations
Common Data Model
One data model, ABAP managed Code Pushdown: SQL and Core Data Services (CDS), SAP HANA breakout scenarios
Developer Efficiency
Secure, high code quality, agile and test-driven development: ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse, ABAP Unit, ABAP Workbench
Event-driven Programming
Real-time processing, no more polling, collaboration: ABAP Channels
Application and UI services
Efficient ABAP RESTful programming model for SAP HANA optimized SAP Fiori apps: CDS, BO programming, OData services and more
Quality Assurance
Functional and formal correctness, robustness, troubleshooting: ABAP code analysis and test tools. ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC), SQL Monitor and more
SAP Single Sign-On, SAP Identity Management, Unified Connectivity (UCON), Code Vulnerability Analyzer (CVA), Read Access Logging and more
API factored and surfaced in the cloud, full-blown and key user in-app extensibility, side-by-side extensions with SAP Cloud Platform
SAP S/4HANA conversion
Effective custom code analysis and migration processes using ABAP tools
Industrial IoT
Direct communication with sensors/machines: Support of native TCP/IP protocols using ABAP Push Channel

Try it now

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.50 SP02 Developer Edition

Get your hands on the standalone SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.50 SP02 Developer Edition. You can explore it and learn how to develop modern ABAP applications with Core Data Services and SAPUI5 and get in touch with all new ABAP capabilities.

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.50 SP01 and SAP Business Warehouse 7.50 on SAP HANA

The SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.50 SP01 on SAP HANA features new and classic demo scenarios: Fiori Reference Application, ABAP on HANA Feature Gallery, BW/BI/BCP developer scenarios, BOPF samples, ABAP Channels, WebDynpro and FPM and ABAP Code Checks for SAP S/4HANA conversion.

Download it as pre-configured virtual appliance by the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (free of charge). SAP recommends to set up a billing alert for your cloud service provider.

Visit any of the ABAP communities for learning, sharing, getting help and keeping your ABAP skills up to date.  Use the quick links below to view specific ABAP community areas of interest. 

ABAP Development


ABAP Testing and Analysis


ABAP Connectivity


ABAP Extensibility

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