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SAP Cloud Platform Blueprints

What is an SAP Cloud Platform blueprint?

SAP Cloud Platform blueprints provide proven, comprehensive scenarios to showcase the power of SAP Cloud Platform to solve various business challenges. SAP Cloud Platform blueprints are useful for various roles in an organization including:
  • Decision makers (account executives, sales etc.) who understand customer's business challenges and are searching for proven solutions to create proposals
  • Influencers (partners, presales, COE, etc.) who support the sales teams with demos to influence customer decision makers
  • Deliverers (developers, architects etc.) who analyze the technical constraints and security requirements

SAP Cloud Platform blueprints help users to better understand the role of architecture components required for a specific scenario, the licensing required to implement a scenario, the flow of data and the main configuration points.


Security blueprints describe:

  • A variety of cloud security deployments for authentication, authorization and identity propagation
  • Security details including videos to showcase when and where authentication, authorization and identity propagation are achieved
  • High level description of the implementation process

Business blueprints describe:

  • Real-life business challenges
  • Comprehensive description of the solution achieved using SAP Cloud Platform
  • Cohesive visuals of the solution diagram highlighting the required components
  • Links to relevant security blueprints
Get started by finding the right blueprint for your needs.
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