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ABAP Development

This is a community for learning, sharing, getting help and keeping your ABAP skills up to date. Join the conversation about the ABAP programming and its integrated development environment used for creating large-scale business applications.

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ABAP for Newbies

What ABAP technology is all about? Get the overview of the platform highlights, core concepts and all basic knowledge you need to get ready for your first development steps in ABAP.

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ABAP Platform for SAP S/4HANA

ABAP platform makes it easy to exploit SAP HANA and build SAP Fiori business apps using new ABAP programming model and is extensible to the cloud with SAP Cloud Platfom.

Learn about ABAP Platform in SAP S/4HANA 1809

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First Class Experience with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse

Superior open and extensible toolset for ABAP Development in Eclipse with advanced source code edit, search, navigation, UI, test, quality assurance and troubleshooting, support for new programming model for SAP Fiori.

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Important changes to ADT release cycle

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Get Free Trial Version

Download the latest release of SAP Application Server ABAP and test drive its latest capabilities.

AS ABAP 7.52 SP01 on ASE

AS ABAP 7.51 SP02 on HANA as CAL

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Clean ABAP

Best practices for maintainable and readable ABAP Code, which help developers to make their ABAP code cleaner. Open source and open to contributions from inside and outside of SAP.

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Latest Questions and Answers
New sales view with babi BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA

Hi, I am trying to create a new sales view with BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA. Here is my Code: APPEND INITIAL LINE TO lt_bapie1matheader ASSIGNING . -function = 'INS'. -material = -matnr. -ind_sector = l...

BAPI/FM/Class method to perform GR of EWM inbound delivery

Hello All, I need to do GR of EWM inbound delivery using BAPI/FM/Class method. I'm able to do it via BDC but need some standard solution for this. Please refer to below screen shot for GR reference

June 6th, 2019
BAPI to add batch and update quantity to EWM inbound delivery

Hello All, As per my requirement i need to add BATCH and Quantity to EWM inbound delivery. I used BAPI like WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE but its giving message "Delivery was distributed, no change possible". Pl...

June 6th, 2019
spool is picking LOCL by defaut from SU3 settings, its not taking printer passed on selection screen

Hello Every one, I have a issue with printing smart form with different printer my code is as below. ls_control_param-device = 'PRINTER'. ls_control_param-langu = sy-langu. ls_control_param-no_dialog ...

June 6th, 2019
Automatic Picking quantity is not determined with WM (in the delivery)

Hi all, Automatic picking is not working. WM and Handling Unit solutions are implemented for the delivery. Processes created are "sales order, delivery, shipment and HU". The picking should perform au...

How to Update or Insert or Modify ACDOCA table and FAGL_SPLINFO table

Hi Experts, My requirements is as below. I have to clear document in F-32 tcode. In current environment, there is implicit enhncement to split BSEG table into multiple line items and it is updating BS...

Latest Blogs
Embedded CDS View exposure to Fiori

1. Introduction As we are aware that in SAP S/4HANA system, most of the DDIC tables has been converted to CDS views or DDL SQL Views. SAP is trying to mold all the technical changes/ABAP using these C...

June 6th, 2019
Excel file (*.xlsx) Export/Import

In this Blog-post I'd like to give a few insights on how we process XLSX file by using latest ABAP, which might be quite different than in most other implementations, for example:ABAP and OLE or Excel...

June 6th, 2019
Using long string in function imports

Motivation Recently I got a question in SCN where a SCN user had problems with sending long strings using a function import. So I created a SEGW project in both the latest stack as well as in 740 (the...

June 6th, 2019
#sitPOTT: Something with HANA and BEER

On May 25th this year I held a session at the first SAP Inside Track "Ruhrgebiet" #sitPOTT I've promissed, that I will write a blog post and publish the data I've used. So here we go... My session was...

June 5th, 2019
What certification is available for S/4 HANA Developer??

I am writing this blog to provide information about SAP Global certifications available for S/4 HANA developers. When I tried to search for S/4 HANA dev certification in the link Certifications , coul...

Custom data selection for a Fiori list report application using DDIC Search help

In this blog you will see how a DDIC Search help can serve as a simple to use data source for a Fiori list report. Why use a DDIC search help for a Fiori list report ? Search helps are well known and ...

June 3rd, 2019

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