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SAP MENA Management Team

SAP MENA, a subsidiary of SAP SE, oversees the company’s business operations in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Ahmed Jaber Al-Faifi
Senior Vice President,
SAP Middle East North

Ahmed is responsible for the company’s presence and growth strategy including sales, marketing and overall operations forthe Middle East North Region covering Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Kuwait & Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Sergio Maccotta
Senior Vice President,
SAP Middle East South

Sergio is responsible for developing the company’s in-country presence and growth strategy, as well as sales, marketing and overall operations for the Middle East South Region including; UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan and Yemen.

Marita Mitschein
Marita Mitschein
Senior Vice President Digital Skills EMEA South & Managing Director, SAP Training & Development Institute Member of SAP’s Executive Leadership Team

In support of SAP’s commitment to close the digital skills gap, Marita is leading the SAP Training and Development Institute and overseeing all capacity and digital skill build initiatives across Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Eman Goubran

Eman manages all aspects related to the financial health of the organization, including treasury, finance, legal, accounting, budgeting and administrative functions

Middle East Country Managing Directors:

Zakaria Haltout
Managing Director,
SAP United Emirates (UAE)
Hoda Mansour
Managing Director,
SAP Egypt
Waheed Alhamaid
Country Manager,
SAP Oman
Mohammed Alkhotani
Managing Director,
SAP Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saquib Ahmad
Managing Director,
SAP Pakistan
Andy Froemmel
Managing Director,
SAP Kuwait
Hassan Saleh
Managing Director,
SAP Iraq
Mazen Raad
Managing Director,
SAP Qatar
Reham Almusa
Managing Director,
SAP Bahrain
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