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Stabilus: Meeting changing needs with a hyperscaler-enabled cloud infrastructure

Explore Stabilus’ journey with SAP

Stabilus sought expert guidance to transition to a hyperscaler-enabled cloud environment, based on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, to meet changing needs. SAP Advisory Services and the SAP Advanced Deployment service supported a smooth migration of the company’s core business processes to the new infrastructure, without disrupting operations. 


global cloud environment to support company-wide processes.


IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet business needs.

With SAP Advisory Services, we were able to access a tremendous volume of valuable knowledge from highly experienced experts, helping us achieve a successful migration with minimal downtime.

Matthias Zanger
Director Corporate IT
Stabilus GmbH

The Challenge

Moving to an intelligent cloud landscape smoothly with minimal downtime

In a business environment that demands ever-faster innovation and delivery, Stabilus needed an IT landscape that could flex quickly to support peak manufacturing periods. The gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers manufacturer looked to replace its obsolete and high-maintenance on-premise IT infrastructure with a modern, cloud-based environment.


Stabilus wished to scale IT resources rapidly to meet changing needs and support new innovation projects in an agile manner. This would enable the company to create powerful solutions for its customers by combining application management with its own engineering expertise and ingenuity.


However, to achieve a smooth and quick migration of the core business processes to the new cloud environment, while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations, the company needed expert guidance – from project planning to execution. 

The Solution

Mapping a cutover plan for structured migration to a cloud environment

In keeping with its reputation of going above and beyond, Stabilus employed a hyperscaler service, Microsoft Azure, with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to create the intelligent cloud environment. 


Behind the scenes, the company used migration back-office services from SAP Services and Support. This included landscape setup, migration strategy, role and responsibility definition, activity coordination, and cutover-plan management – delivered with the help of SAP Advisory Services. 


Meanwhile, the migration activities were carried out with the SAP Advanced Deployment service and the structured migration framework was based on the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework methodology. Data was efficiently migrated through the database migration functionality in the Software Update Manger tool.


Stabilus took a phased approach to migrate solutions for HR, business intelligence, text retrieval and extraction, ERP, enterprise portal, and supply chain management and to implement SAP Fiori apps. 

The Result

Achieving business continuity, agility, and reduced IT costs

Owing to the close collaboration between Stabilus and SAP Advisory Services, the company was able to transition smoothly and quickly to a cloud infrastructure while achieving business continuity.


With the hyperscaler-enabled cloud landscape that flexes to support the fluctuations of the innovation cycle, the business can scale rapidly to meet changing needs and respond to new research and development opportunities in an agile way.


And, by making a standardized, low-maintenance IT environment, Stabilus has reduced its IT costs.

SAP helps Stabilus run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Smooth transition to a hyperscaler-enabled cloud environment
  • No disruption to business operations during the migration
  • Ability to respond to new research and development opportunities in an agile way due to the flexible cloud landscape
  • Lower IT costs due to the standardized, low-maintenance environment

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Advisory Services supports business innovation by sharing a unique combination of business, industry, and SAP skills using a standardized approach and proven tools.

About Stabilus

Producing gas springs, hydraulic vibration dampers, and electromechanical drives, Stabilus GmbH has been a pioneer in the field of motion control for eight decades. It supplies industry solutions for automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, energy, construction, industrial machinery, health, and recreation. With production plants in nine countries, it serves customers in more than 50 global locations. 

Industry Region Company size
Automotive  Koblenz, Germany 6,500 employees
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