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Daniel Yang

Senior Security Engineer

Daniel Yang

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

The culture of our team is one of openness, cooperation and unity. Although we are a small team, everyone is responsible for different topics. We share the experience of our responsible topics and support each other to solve problems encountered by people in the team.

Daniel Yang

Daniel Yang is a Senior Security Engineer based in Shanghai, China.

When I explain my role to my friends, I usually tell them I work in software security, but sometimes I jokingly say that I am responsible for checking my colleagues bring their badges to enter the office!

Actually, I am engaged in application security related work; mainly including customer penetration testing report reviews, dynamic scans, security incidents and bug bounty. I support customers to address their security concerns and there are many opportunities to work with SAP's other security departments.

I am responsible for some topics that need to be processed in a timely manner and provide corresponding responses. For example, customer support and security incidents. How to provide a customer satisfaction solution in a short time and deal with the corresponding security incidents is really a challenge.

A typical day starts with getting to the office at about 8:30 and I prepare for the daily scrum meeting at 9:00, such as status updates to confirm whether there are any urgent cases that need to be handled today. After completion of the Scrum, I will start the work of the day. There will be some routine things to deal with but if there are security incidents, or follow-up questions from the customer, I will give priority to deal with these issues. I will have lunch with teammates at noon and continue towork in the afternoon. I recently joined the frisbee club, so I might also play frisbee with colleagues after lunch.

I joined SAP as an intern in 2015 and became full time in 2016. I think the biggest attraction of SAP is the balance of life and work. This is very important! Security itself is an attractive topic and requires constant learning. And I think it's cool to be in the security industry. My wife and I met and got married in SAP, and now we have a 6-month-old baby so to me SAP has meant more than a great career!

During my career so far, I have had a lot of support, not just from our team but also from colleagues from other teams. But I would like to pay special thanks to the following two people who have played a key role in my career development.

William Wu is the leader of my career and my buddy. When I first entered the field of security, he gave me a lot of support, not just work but life advice.

Erica Leung is my immediate manager, and her rigorous style of work has always influenced me, and I've often been able to get her help on our 1-1 meeting of my career development.

The culture of our team is one of openness, cooperation and unity. Although we are a small team, everyone is responsible for different topics. We share the experience of our responsible topics and support each other to solve problems encountered by people in the team.

Through my work I help both customers and SAP succeed. One of the topics I'm in charge of is the customer penetration testing report review. This topic needs to address the customer's security confusion of our products, and it is somewhat relevant to determine whether the customer buys our products and whether they go live on time after purchase. I've seen a lot of success stories, and I think that's the value I bring to the company.

There is a customer success story that makes me feel particularly proud. In July 2018, a big international financial services provider performed an evaluation for our products and did a penetration testing. They then provided a detailed testing report. Over a month I worked with the SAP product security response team, customer support teams and engineering teams closely to provide explanations to the customer's security concerns and worked with the engineering team to deal with the findings the customer discovered. Following this, the customer decided to buy our products. It makes me feel good because it felt like my hard work really paid off.

In my spare time, I like to watch movies and I don't limit the type of movies. Of course, there's no guarantee it's not a bad movie, but I still hope to get some insight through the film, at least a joy. And watching movies is also a way for me to relax. We had our daughter in 2020 so at home I'm mainly focused on caring for her. SAP's life and work balance allows me more time to spend with my family and improve myself.

When I was young, I liked watching talk shows, at that time I wanted to be a talk show actor. Now I’d like to find a tropical island for a good holiday!

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