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Ivan Aguilar

Global Presales Manager, SAP Presales Academy for Early Talent

Ivan's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

I feel very passionate about what we do and the impact we are having in the companies and people running the world.

Ivan Aguilar-Duclaud  

Imagine working with top talent from around the world, training, inspiring and leading them to go back to their home countries to ultimately make an impact. The SAP Academy for Sales and Presales does exactly this. This program shapes the future promises of sales and presales professionals at SAP worldwide.

Meet Global Presales Manager, Ivan Aguilar-Duclaud, originally from Mexico. Ivan has a particularly strong passion in helping newer generations make an impact in the world. He is a manger of a global presales team, and a dedicated faculty member for the SAP Academy. At the SAP Academy, he teaches young professionals how to demonstrate and sell SAP software. “I prepare the next generation of customer facing SAP professionals, leading with human skills and a change mindset and spirit” says Ivan.

Despite the challenge of COVID-19, Ivan was able to turn the program fully virtual and still exceed expectations and results. He was able to create a real community of a future generation of leaders through conference calls with a human sense. Through team bonding events, empathy, and lots of communication and trust, Ivan was able to achieve successful team effort.

Ivan shares this intense passion for educating younger generations and the impact they will have on companies and people running the world, with his colleague Maggie Ramaiah. Together, they have a fierce desire to give back to SAP for all the opportunities the company has provided them in their lives. While Maggie teaches young professionals in sales and Ivan focuses on presales, they both are united with a common goal to leave an impact and help shape young individuals to reach their potential. Moreover, they also share similar backgrounds, which allows them to connect on a human level and realize the importance of community.

Ivan, who now resides in San Francisco, California, loves his job. He appreciates the many mentors he had throughout his own career and is now a mentor himself. The people he gets to work with every day is what keeps Ivan motivated. “SAP stands for: Super Awesome People, and I’m very proud to be part of it” says Ivan. Beyond work, Ivan has an intense love for tacos and is even part of a rock band. He continues to share his love for educating young individuals, like Maggie, and is super thankful to be a part of a skillful team that can solve whatever problem they come across.

“SAPs culture is what keeps us passionate about our jobs. At SAP you can be yourself and just create synergies with all the amazing people that you will cross paths with”

Meet Maggie Ramaiah, one of Ivan’s colleagues at the SAP Academy, who shares the common goal of supporting early talent to succeed in a sales career with SAP. She is Vice President of the SAP Academy and has been with SAP for over 22 years.

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