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SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

Introducing a new, standardized approach to integration that can help you accelerate your digital transformation and ensure a seamless customer experience.

What's your integration strategy?

Take this two-minute assessment to find out your current integration maturity level and learn how SAP can help you develop an optimal, holistic integration strategy.

Discover a simple approach to shaping your integration strategy

Define the strategy and guidelines for integrating people, processes, data, and devices by using predefined integration patterns and best practices.

A proven path to becoming an integration hero

SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology offers a comprehensive framework for introducing and scaling up an integration practice within your organization with the help of integration patterns, architecture blueprints and more.


Jump-start your integration practice with the help of SAP delivered accelerators.


Extend and adapt the methodology to cater to your specific needs.


Address all integration styles in cloud and hybrid environments.

Raise the integration maturity level of your organization

Move from ad hoc integration to a systematic approach based on well-defined integration standards.

With this approach, you can:

  • Document integration architecture to improve communication between project teams and systems integrators
  • Establish integration as a recognized discipline within an organization and leverage it as a competitive differentiator
  • Create integration guidelines with solution architecture blueprints and further best practices, such as integration governance
  • Embed integration into an organization’s general culture

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Matthias Allgaier
Intelligent Enterprise Technology Product Management

Define integration guidelines for your organization

Get an overview of the key use cases and concepts and how the methodology relates to SAP's Intelligent Enterprise strategy.

Katrin von Ahsen​
Intelligent Enterprise Technology Product Management

New version of SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology released​

In this blog, learn about the key updates and enhancements of the SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology template including the delta scope introducing architecture blueprints and more.​

Alexander Bundschuh
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite Product Management

Apply enterprise integration patterns

In this blog series, learn how to build enterprise-grade integrations with SAP Cloud Platform Integration by following SAP integration flow design guidelines and patterns.


Discover SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

In this recorded webinar, get an overview of SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology, including use cases on how it can be applied by enterprise architects in their organizations, and learn about CIO guides for integration that provide related SAP technology recommendations.  

Additional Resources

Understand the SAP integration technology portfolio

Consult the SAP CIO Guide about process and data integration in hybrid landscapes to get guidance on when to use each integration technology.​

SAP’s integration plan in the cloud

Learn how SAP can facilitate seamless integration of end-to-end business processes, spanning across our integrated intelligent suite solutions as well as third-party solutions. 

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Leverage a single suite to connect processes, data, people, and devices for the Intelligent Enterprise.

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تحدث معنا الدردشة غير متوفرة
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