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A screenshot of the territory map capability in SAP Territory and Quota

SAP Territory and Quota

Increase attainment and maximize revenue with aligned sales plans and resources with territory and quota management.

Maximize territory revenue and increase sales quota attainment

Increase the effectiveness and accuracy of your sales plans with intelligent sales quotas based on expected outcomes and strategic territories balanced with AI optimization.


Streamline sales planning activities and empower users to deliver strategic territories and targeted quotas at scale with territory and quota management. Maximize market potential, improve sales plan accuracy, and go to market faster.
  • Cloud deployment
  • Intuitive modeling, comparison, and creation of AI-optimized territories
  • Top-down, bottom-up quota planning with historic and expected performance
  • Territory management at scale with branch-leaf management and embedded workflows

Key Benefits

Achieve key business goals

Increase your market potential with AI territory optimization that leverages your organization’s strategic KPIs to improve outcomes critical to your business.

Increase quota attainment

Improve the accuracy of sales plans and increase quota attainment using dual top-down, bottom-up planning with expected and best-case scenarios.

Reduce sales turnover

Keep sellers happy and focused with intelligent territory and quota assignments that have equal opportunity and promote healthy competition.

Key Capabilities

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AI territory optimization and balancing

  • Model, compare, and create optimized territory configurations in minutes with territory management
  • Leverage strategic KPIs and key constraints to align AI optimizations to business objectives
  • Empower business users to improve outcomes without relying on IT, third-party integrations, or data scientists

Geospatial insight and visualization

  • Refine territory configuration with geospatial visualization of account and prospect data
  • Identify geographic pitfalls and support growth with strategic assignments including role-based territory shares, overlays, and splits
  • Streamline territory and quota management with automated classifications and embedded workflows

Predictive quota planning and analysis

  • Improve sales plan accuracy with dual top-down, bottom-up quota analysis that leverages real, historic, and expected performance
  • Validate sales quota targets using predictive analytics and empower sales managers to apply uplift
  • Distribute quotas faster with even, weighted, historic, or opportunity share

Get Started

Whether you’re deploying something new, accelerating to the cloud, or transforming how your business works, SAP Services and Support can help create the right results so you can sustain success.

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions includes powerful foundational elements that are already embedded in every cloud solution from SAP at no additional fee.

  • Get expert guidance through SAP Enterprise Support value maps and during mission-critical situations
  • Build competency and expand skills easily with the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program
  • Get the real-time support at the speed you expect for whatever issues arise, regardless of your deployment scenario
  • Access tools, reports, and services to unlock the business value of existing investments for faster innovation
  • Administer cloud environments effectively with our advanced cloud-based tool for application lifecycle management (ALM)

SAP Preferred Success

Achieve your desired business outcomes and drive continuous value with success resources from SAP. 

  • Provide an enhanced user experience
  • Decrease turnover, resulting in lower operational costs
  • Improve business performance and process integration
  • Adopt the latest innovations faster and generate new business insights

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