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SAP Electronic Invoicing for Brazil

Meet Brazilian e-invoicing regulations (NF-e) and ensure trade and financial compliance

Comply with Brazil’s Nota Fiscal eletrônica (NF-e) e-invoicing regulation – and move quickly in the country’s fast-changing business environment. Our software supports automated online invoice processing and verification – as well as direct submission to the Brazilian tax authority.

Why SAP Electronic Invoicing for Brazil?

Because our Brazilian e-invoicing software helps you navigate one of the world’s most complex tax environments.

The solution facilitates more accurate transactions, collaboration with supply chain partners, and compliance with Sistema Publico de Escrituracao Digital (SPED Brasil) – the country’s mandatory public bookkeeping system.

With SAP Electronic Invoicing for Brazil (SAP Nota Fiscal Eletrônica), you can: 


Use secure interfaces to automatically submit your electronic invoices to Brazilian government systems. 

Integrate with your existing ERP system, back-office processes, and finance and logistics solutions. 

Automate manually intensive processes to ensure error-free e-invoice processing – and reduce risk. 


Product Capabilities

Functional Capabilities

Accelerate your entire e-invoicing process. Our solution lets you automatically issue and receive inbound and outbound Brazilian electronic invoices (NF eletrônica) – and manage electronic freight invoices and fiscal document manifests (CTE’s and MDFe’s).

  • Notify vendors electronically to streamline B2B communications
  • Automatically trigger back-end transactions in your ERP system
  • Download the NF-e and other compliance documents from Brazilian government systems
Technical Capabilities

Use proven technology and built-in integration with your back-end SAP ERP application to: 

  • Send and validate digital signatures
  • Create outbound invoices in batches
  • Automate your contingency process
  • Monitor your e-invoice status and updates
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