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Technical Services

Benefit from our tailored technical services to fast-track your SAP projects and get your offering to market faster.

While all certification services from Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services come with guidance on SAP best practices, you can also benefit from our tailored technical services to fast track your SAP projects and allow faster time to market. 

Build Services

Technical services for partners to successfully port, build, or integrate their solutions to SAP products and platforms.

Partners can choose tailored packages combining the following services as required:

Initiate phase

  • Technical presentations
  • Use-case assessment
  • Technical enablement
  • Architecture validation
  • Technical due diligence
  • Infrastructure recommendations

Build phase

  • Development guidance, coaching, and support 
  • Liaison with SAP experts
  • Technical expertise from dedicated advisors 
  • Accelerated learning curve due to targeted enablement
  • Access to an extensive expert network, enabling you to tap into the collective knowledge of the group and elevate your own capabilities and skills 

System Access

Simplify integration testing of your interface to SAP solutions with our professionally-hosted and maintained SAP system landscape. 

If you are an SAP partner or independent software vendor (ISV) looking for SAP system access to a variety of SAP-maintained systems to develop or test your integration you can use the SAP Remote Access and Connectivity (SAP RAC) service.
This service offers partners a quick and easy access to highly-flexible, low-cost and no-maintenance SAP system landscapes. It also enables subscribers some ready-to-use SAP business solutions that can be instantly accessed to kick-start SAP projects or test their own product integration. Subscribers can opt for the latest SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA express edition, SAP Global Trade Services, and more. Most of the SAP systems available with SAP RAC include the extensive database of IDES (Internet Demo and Evaluation System).

System pricing

You can choose between exclusive-use or low-cost shared systems. Prices start at €3,500.00 for 3 shared systems, with 3 users, for a 3-month period. You can also sign up for longer durations at considerably lower rates. 

Integration Assessment

Need advice about which scenario or technologies to use? An integration assessment will put you on the right path towards certification.

An integration assessment can be a good starting point for a completely new integration project. You can also use this service to gain insights on how to improve an existing integration or migrate to a new technology such as SAP HANA or the cloud.
Typically, an integration assessment starts with a kick-off call, where you describe your envisioned integration to one of our SAP experts. Within 10 business days, we will come back to you with the best possible integration points and summarize the technical recommendations. 
The Integration Assessment service is available for partners looking to integrate with SAP on-premise and cloud solutions.

Integration assessment pricing

  • Integration Assessment with SAP on-premise solutions is €10,000 per certifications
  • Integration Assessment with SAP cloud solutions is €7,000 per certification 

Security-Code Scan Assessment

Identify security threats and vulnerabilities, and gain insight into the security of your software. 

The security-code scan can be applied to solutions built on SAP cloud, on-premise, Web, and mobile platforms. It’s performed without actually executing the program and is used to scrutinize all code paths and data flows for defects in the code during the early stages of development. It identifies flaws in the program’s inputs and outputs that cannot be seen through dynamic testing alone, and automatically scans uncompiled codes and identifies vulnerabilities. This third-party security review is independent of SAP and thereby protects your intellectual property. 

The assessment enables you to

  • Identify, understand, and remediate critical vulnerabilities
  • Integrate application security into your software development lifecycle
  • Reduce costs and time to rectify code issues when identified early 
  • Benefit from unlimited quality scanning results for an entire year
  • Comply with SAP corporate security guidelines
  • Complete the scan without requiring infrastructure for the software 

Security scan pricing

For applications on SAP Business Technology Platform

  • €1,500 for a one-year subscription (€1,000 when bundled as part of a certification)

For applications on other platforms

  • €3,000 for a one-year subscription (€2,500 when bundled as part of a certification)
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