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Create a VPC in AWS for SAP Vora Developer Edition

By Daniel Wroblewski

Step by step guide to create a VPC in AWS for SAP Vora Developer Edition in AWS on Vora 1.3

How-To Details

This How-to is a step by step guide to create a VPC in AWS for SAP Vora SAP Vora Developer Edition

Step 1: Create virtual private cloud

Log in to the AWS console and choose VPC from Services in AWS. Select Your VPC.

create vpc

Click Create VPC.

create vpc

Fill in the name, CIDR block and tenancy in fields and click Create VPC.

create vpc
Step 2: Create subnet

Click on the Subnets tab on left panel and click Create Subnet. Fill in the values for subnet and choose the VPC created in the previous step.

Create subnet

Click on Route table in the left panel and click on the route table that is associated with your current selection of a VPC. Click on Subnet associations | edit and associate the subnet that you just created and click Save.

Create subnet
Step 3: Create gateway

Click on Internet Gateways in the left panel and select Create Internet Gateways. Provide the name tag and click Yes, Create.

Create gateway

Note that the gateway is detached.

Gateway detached

Right click on the Internet gateway created and attach it with the created VPC.

Click on Create Route Table and select the route table created. In the tab below select Routes. Click on edit button and add the internet gateway created above with destination as

Route table
Step 4: Modify public IP address

Modify the Auto-assignable public IP, so that the Public IP gets assigned to the instance when it is launched with the selected VPC.

Modify public IPModify public IP
Step 5: Enable DNS resolution and DNS host names

Enable DNS Resolution and DNS Host names by editing the VPC setting. Select the VPC created in the above steps and click on Actions.

Enable DNSEnable DNS

Click Yes to edit DNS resolution.

Enable DNS

Click Yes to edit DNS host names.

Enable DNS
Step 6: Set as default VPC

Select this VPC while launching a SAP Vora Manager instance.

Set default VPC

Next Steps

Updated 03/04/2018

Time to Complete

20 Min.




  • Amazon Web Services account. Create AWS account or use existing account.

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