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Matthias Weber

Global Sponsorships, Innovation Manager  

Matthias' story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

What I really enjoy about working at SAP is that there are so many opportunities to contribute to the success of the company while having fun with what you do.

Matthias Weber

Partnerships in sports are a great way to demonstrate the power of technologies and innovation. That is why SAP partners with the world’s most admired sports clubs and ultimately shapes their digital transformation. Let’s take the legendary German football club, FC Bayern, as an example. This club relies on SAP software in several facets, whether it is to improve their performance on the pitch, enable more personalized engagements with their 650+ millions of fans, or to optimize the employee experience of its 1,500 employees.

SAP employees like Matthias Weber bring SAP’s sponsorship approach to life. As an expert in sports, technology, and marketing he is an Innovation Manager in SAP’s Global Sponsorship organization. He has been with SAP for 20 years now.

“The cool thing about working with sports clubs is that there are so many exciting areas where we can co-innovate for the benefit of both of us” says Matthias. “And, of course, we love to share the great stories that derive from how our partners are using our software.”

One recent example is the global campaign SAP launched around the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors at FC Bayern. Several short and entertaining videos provide an inside look at the team behind the team of famous football players and portray how the cloud-based HR-system simplifies the life of FC Bayern employees.

During this campaign, Matthias collaborated with SAP Global Sponsorships colleague Christiane Protzel, Senior Marketing Specialist and Property Manager of FC Bayern. “It is the collaboration and combination of our different talents that makes us successful as a team” says Matthias. While Matthias focuses more on the technology aspect, Christiane brings her creative talents and overall management to the partnership. Together, they bring SAP technology stories to life with FC Bayern.

Matthias lives and breathes sports in both his professional and personal life. His lifelong passion for football puts him into the perfect position to work with clubs like FC Bayern. “What I really enjoy about working at SAP is that there are so many opportunities to contribute to the success of the company while having fun with what you do!”

Meet Christiane Protzel, one of Matthias’ colleagues who he collaborates with for partnership projects with FC Bayern. She works for SAP Global Sponsorships as a Senior Marketing Specialist, Property Manager for FC Bayern at SAP.

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