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Henrike Paetz

Director of Global Sponsorship Partnerships

Henrike's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

Our technology prototypes started small and have now even reached World Championships. And all of this is possible because of SAP trusting us.

Henrike Paetz  

SAP Global Sponsorships are leading the way in transforming the sports and entertainment industries, particularly also the equestrian disciplines. Since 2014, SAP has been supporting the renowned annual “World Equestrian Festival” CHIO Aachen, and Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke. Through the power of SAP technology and innovation, the team has not only transformed the fan experience, but ultimately has revolutionized and enhanced the way professional riders analyze and plan their performance.

Meet Henrike Paetz, Director of Global Sponsorship Partnerships, who has led the invention and evolution of the equestrian story at SAP and the technology behind it over the past years. Henrike has been with SAP for over two decades now. She is proud to be a longtime partner with CHIO Aachen and has been dedicated to helping enhance and shape the digital fan experience. She loves “connecting the dots in and between projects,” which has been a key factor in driving her success throughout her career. Since 2014, Henrike has been providing innovative prototypes and high-tech showcases that create new insights to engage the audience in completely new ways.

Henrike’s other half in driving this technological innovation for equestrian sports is Stephan Daub, Technology Architect in the Technology & Innovation group. Together, Stephan and Henrike have changed the way equestrian fans can follow their favorite sport by providing them with live data and stats from the Cross-Country Courses. “We started with a minimal budget and just a big idea. A lot of things, and we had the full freedom to leverage the SAP environment. Nobody ever thought we would come this far” says Henrike. Their impact is growing so much that their amazing innovations for making the sport so visible has led them to receive worldwide recognition and even an honorary medal from the German Equestrian Olympics Committee.

While Stephan is the expert in the technological aspects, Henrike is the mastermind in planning, budgeting, finding the right partners, setting up the projects, and ultimately in driving the overall end-to-end activity for equestrian sports for the global sponsorship team. Henrike’s passion for this phase of her career stems from being a horsewoman and horse lover herself. In addition, she loves communication, writing, and language so much that she even once thought about becoming a simultaneous interpreter! Henrike is particularly proud to represent SAP because of the amount of freedom and trust that is given to her. Henrike says “Our technology prototypes started small and have now even reached World Championships. And all of this is possible because of SAP trusting us.”


Meet Stephan Daub, Technology Architect SAP Technology & Innovation, and co-inventor with Henrike Paetz in evolving the equestrian story and the technology behind. Together, they are continuously revolutionizing the equestrian fan experience by helping equestrian professionals run their best.

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