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SAP Labs Israel

The R&D center in Israel, usually referred to as SAP Labs Israel, is one of the global strategic development centers for SAP, the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software. Keep reading to find out more about what we do and what you can do with us.

Start up!

Do you want to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, while at the same time work for one of the world's largest software companies? At SAP Labs Israel, you can do so, while working in an open, innovative, collaborative, dynamic and green working environment that feels like home and inspires you to do your best work.
Founded in 1998, the R&D center in Israel is today best known for its work on the SAP Cloud Platform and services, as well as its cutting-edge work on deep learning and computer vision. We are also now responsible for development of Gigya, the number one Customer Identity Management platform in the world.

Our vision is to lead SAP cloud technology. Our mission is to develop ideas into great enterprise cloud products and technology, while leveraging Israel's ecosystem and injecting the startup nation spirit into everything we do. SAP Labs Israel is a driver of innovation within SAP, leading a diverse range of activities with the local ecosystem including early stage investments, strategic partnerships and much more.

Fearless innovation – in an ultra-modern and agile work environment







Early Talents


What is it we do at SAP Labs Israel?

Get your geek on – and design and build the best technology

We develop for a wide array of strategic SAP products, focusing on SAP Cloud platform, but also covering other solutions, including Customer Identity Management, Machine Learning Foundation, and People Engagement.
SAP Cloud Platform Development Experience

Our SAP Cloud Platform Development  Experience group develops SAP Web IDE,  a powerful, extensible, cloud-based tool that simplifies SAP Enterprise application development.  
SAP Cloud Platform Portal Services
Our SAP Cloud Platform Portal Services group is leading the transition of SAP’s user experience towards modern, flexible and intuitive UX in the Cloud. Powered by SAP Cloud Platform, the group develops innovative products based on cutting-edge technologies that serve thousands of customers globally, across industries.  

Building portal sites becomes simple with SAP Cloud Platform Portal.
SAP Cloud Platform Commercialization and Multi Cloud
SAP Gigya
Our SAP Gigya group leads SAP Customer Data Cloud, which turns unknown online visitors into known loyal customers. We develop products that help businesses securely identify consumers across devices and channels to:
  • Drive registrations and engagement
  • Manage their permissions and consent across their entire lifecycle
  • Transform data into unified customer profiles that are governed, orchestrated and analyzed from a central and secure environment.
Collapse Venture Studio

We have a number of groups working as part of the SAP.iO Venture Studio, which launches new ventures that tap into SAP’s data, technologies, and customer relationships.

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SAP Connected Vehicles
Our Connected Vehicles group develops SAP Vehicles Network, a B2B marketplace for connected mobility apps and services.


The first team to win the global venture lab program challenge, our Dabra team has developed a solution that helps managers unlock the potential of their team by focusing on their people.
SAP Business One

In 2002, SAP acquired Menahel, software for financial & accounting management, to expand into the rapidly growing SMB market segment. The solution became known as SAP Business One. Although development was shifted from Israel in 2009, a product and solution management team remains here, as does a 24/7 Global Support Center. Our product and solution management team addresses market needs from all over the world, working closely with business partners and customers. Their work results in continuous innovation and improvement for the benefit of our customers.   
SAP Fieldglass

Our SAP Fieldglass team plays a crucial role in the development of SAP Fieldglass, SAP's cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) for managing services procurement and external workforce programs. Utilizing technologies such as Javascript, HTML5 /CSS, UI5, Node.js, React, SQL, Java, and Struts, the team specializes in frontend and mobile  development of the SAP Fieldglass solutions.
Our local DevOps team closely collaborates with development teams across SAP, in order to accelerate development speed and improve product quality by integrating DevOps practices and tools into their delivery pipelines. Our DevOps collaboration principles and tools enable SAP development teams to accelerate their product delivery and improve quality via automation of their development and test environments. With our team's knowledge and skills, we are in the perfect position to “evangelize” DevOps practices, help development teams increase effectiveness and improve SAP product quality.

Israel Venture Lab – growing startups from within



Israel Venture Lab finds and nurtures the best entrepreneurial-minded employees. They are guided, mentored and funded to help them successfully develop their visions into profitable new businesses following an accelerator/VC approach. The program creates the framework and processes that allow employees to adopt the mindset and working style of a startup and bring their product to market quickly and successfully. The program allows employees to form their own startups within SAP.

The first team to win the global venture lab program challenge is already working right here at SAP Labs Israel.   

Machine Learning

Our goal is to build machine learning technology into all our software, across every line of business and industry we serve. And we’re doing it with machine learning intelligence embedded into our cloud platform and applications. Get a glimpse into the future with our first production-ready solution of the machine learning portfolio: SAP Brand Impact, which analyzes a company’s brand exposure.


Knowing the importance of exploring new technologies and devices beyond our everyday work, whether for fun or as a means to spark creativity, we established a local D-Shop, a "maker's garage" for employees. At D-Shop, we explore the latest technologies, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Google Cardboard, 3Dprinting, drones, brainwave reading and augmented reality.

SAP and the Israeli Ecosystem

We bring value to SAP by connecting SAP's lines of business to the ecosystem's solutions and technologies, injecting innovation into everything we do to support our mission of developing ideas into great enterprise products. SAP Labs Israel collaborates with hundreds of startups, as well as academia and other corporate multinationals to bring our mission to life.

SAP.iO Foundry

The SAP.iO Foundries are SAP’s global network of top-tier startup programs, including accelerators, which enable startups to build innovative software delivering value for SAP customers.

SAP.iO Fund

The SAP.iO Fund invests in external, early-stage enterprise software startups that enable SAP customers to realize new, highly incremental value in investments in SAP solutions.

Scaling to Success

SAP's portfolio of industry-leading solutions and award-winning partner program will help startups win more customers and revenue. We work with more than 15,000 partners worldwide to support our customers through their digital transformation.

A culture of kindness


As a company, we work hard to make SAP a better place for our employees – and the world a better place for everyone. We donate our time, talent, and technologies and pride ourselves on the dozens of progressive initiatives we’re working on internally, with our customers and partners, and with non-profits.

Our CSR activities are based on the following three pillars:

  • Helping NGOs and social enterprises be Best Run
  • Powering a digitally literate generation
  • Enabling employees to take action with purpose

How our teams are changing lives

Improving Accessibility for Disabled and Disadvantaged Populations

Our employees have developed the following apps in collaboration with NGO Beit Issie Shapiro:
  • IssieBoard: an iPad keyboard suited for children and adults with disabilities.
    Watch video | Download
  • IssieCalc: A customizable calculator suitable for as many people as possible, including children and adults with disabilities
  • IssieDice: a customizable and accessible dice app for teachers and therapists
  • IssieSign: an app that helps children with or without disabilities learn to communicate via Israeli Sign Language

Fighting ALS

A group of volunteers from SAP Labs Israel, in collaboration with the Prize4Life organization, have developed an application to help ALS patients monitor and record the development of their disease. Based on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, the app allows anonymized data of more than 200 ALS patients from all around the world to be collected and analyzed, bringing researchers closer to understanding this mysterious disease.

Social Market

In 2018, we held our third one-of-a-kind social market, with goods produced by people suffering from various disabilities.

Bring everything you are. Become everything you want.

SAPers usually stay at the company for quite some time, and we’re all about developing deep and lasting relationships with our employees. At SAP Labs Israel, we know that success means different things to different people: from climbing the leadership ladder to striking the perfect work-life balance and everything in between. So we go to great lengths to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed in your own way. At SAP Labs Israel, we offer some of the best employee benefits in our industry, from performance-based rewards to über comprehensive packages. Your particular benefits package will depend on your position and years with the company – and all of them come with plenty of flexibility for you and your family.

At SAP Labs Israel, you can be whatever you want to be. Just be the best you are. Our company creates boundless career opportunities. To grow. To lead. To innovate. Watch what our colleagues are saying and find your place with us.

The Sounds of SAP Labs Israel

You might be able to imagine how life at SAP looks like, but do you know what it sounds like? Watch this employee-created video to discover the rhythm of everyday life at a company that supports passion and collaboration.

Wellbeing Activities

At SAP Labs Israel, we aim to create unforgettable experiences for our employees and their families, based on the following four pillars of wellbeing:
  • Me 
  • My team
  • My family
  • My wellbeing
Our wellbeing activities include family events, holiday celebrations, gifts, lectures, leisure classes, happy hours, music concerts, summer camps, sport classes, health & beauty services and much, much more.

What our employees are saying

Ready for a job on technology’s cutting edge?

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Check out our awards

Ma'ala Index 2019

SAP Labs Israel was rated Platinum+, the highest possible ranking, in the 2019 Ma'ala Index for social responsibility, thanks to our ongoing CSR efforts. We also scored 100 in the employee engagement parameter, due to our many volunteers who contribute throughout the year. This year our main focus was on STEM volunteering programs, aimed at educating & innovating underprivileged youth in the technology field. We couldn’t be prouder of our employees, who totally “walk the talk” of improving people’s lives and making the world run better.

BDI code 2019

The BDI survey ranks the best companies to work for in Israel. In 2019, SAP In Israel ranked #4 among software companies, recognizing our position as a preferred employer in Israel.     

Top Employer

SAP in Israel has been recognized as a “Top Employer” (by Top Employers Institute) for five consecutive years, thanks to its excellent employee conditions, development opportunities, compensation & benefits packages, and company culture.

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Women at SAP

The high tech industry is known for its male-dominated workforce – but SAP has been working hard to counter this trend. Gender equality is an important part of our mission. At SAP Labs Israel, 35% of employees are women, as are 25% of our managers.

Ideal candidates

We want people who think big and dream big. People who are dynamic and full of integrity. We want people who are collaborative, creative, and fun. And most of all, we want people who are passionate about helping businesses – and the world – run better.

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