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Digital Business and Transformation

As people, business, and “things” increasingly interconnect in the digital economy, existing business models are being radically disrupted. What does it take to become an intelligent, digital business? And what opportunities lie ahead in this era of digitisation? Start your transformation journey here with practical help, best practices, and more.

What’s driving digital transformation?

Digital business is built on new computing infrastructure – the pillars of mobile, cloud, Big Data, and analytics – accelerated by the Internet of Things (IoT), advances in machine learning, and innovations like blockchain. These disruptive technologies are giving companies the ability to radically change business models, and create new products and services. Learn more about the trends that are driving the shift to digitalization:

4 ways leaders set themselves apart

In a global SAP and Oxford Economics survey, only 3% of executives said they had achieved enterprise-wide digitisation. Explore their approach, results – and the four factors central to their success.

Customers transforming their businesses

Key industries leading the way


As digital disruption changes how we save, borrow, spend, and lend, banks must reimagine their business models, e-banking processes, and human resources practices. Cutting-edge technologies can help you provide the quality, customer-centric products, services, and experiences you need to succeed.

Download the white paper: Prospering in the era of open banking

Learn more about SAP for the banking industry

Consumer Products

In today’s consumer-driven economy, differentiating your CPG company calls for new ways to meet market expectations, grow, and boost sales. Businesses that can act on real-time insights, predict consumer needs, and offer personalised experiences – live and on demand – will come out ahead.  

Read the white paper: The consumer-driven digital economy

Learn more about SAP for the consumer products industry


Explore some of the limitless possibilities the digital world presents for the healthcare industry – from connected healthcare technologies that connect clinicians, patients, and communities to a network of services that help consumers stay healthy through personalised care.

Read the white paper: A future in digital health

Learn more about SAP for the healthcare industry

High Tech

In the tech world, competitive advantages will be decided by software and the ecosystems surrounding it. Here’s how emerging technologies can give you unprecedented insights, visibility, and control across your business – so you can respond to demand and adapt to new opportunities in every moment.    

Read the white paper: High tech pioneers the digital economy

Learn more about SAP for the high tech industry


Smart machines and factories combined with connected, digital business processes are fueling transformation in the manufacturing industry. The winners in this shifting environment will be able to provide customer-centric, “segment of one” service, and innovative business models and services – to boost revenues, shrink costs, and optimise top-line growth.

Read the white paper: Digital manufacturing – powering the fourth industrial revolution

Learn more about SAP for the industral machinery and components industry


Digital customers are changing the rules of retail – and to keep those customers, your business needs to change too. Retailers who can become an integrated omni-channel organisation focused on the digital customer experience will come out on top.

Read the white paper: How to win in a digital world where technology is rewriting the rules of retail

Learn more about SAP for the retail industry


Explore innovative transportation strategies, technologies, and solutions to help you thrive in an age of rising expectations and complexity – from connected, real-time processes that simplify operations to embedded analytics that give you real-time insights into financial results.

Read the white paper: Transportation in the digital world – meeting the demand

Learn more about SAP for the transportation industry


Why choose SAP as your innovation partner?

With industry expertise that touches more than 70% of the world’s business processes, SAP is uniquely positioned to deliver tangible progress towards your transformation strategy – without jeopardizing your daily business operations. Our proven formula? A strong digital core and an easy-to-use system that supports innovations:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud – our next-gen ERP system supports operational excellence, automation, and seamless technology integration from your business core.

  • SAP Leonardo – our system of future-ready technologies is accessed through the cloud and augmented by design thinking services for rapid prototyping and adoption.

They work in tandem to make your entire business more immediate, intelligent, and seamlessly integrated – no matter your size or industry.



Leverage the latest and emerging technology innovations in your business – from embedded machine learning to the IoT and blockchain. Use them to create new digital business models and intelligent products and services that delight customers and support employees.


Evolve your existing infrastructure and processes with easy-to-integrate technologies that can seamlessly combine with your SAP and third-party systems and data. We’ve also woven intelligent capabilities into our market-leading software and cloud platform to facilitate enterprise-wide innovation.


Connect to SAP via extensible, modular capabilities that make it easy to scale up and continually support the latest innovations. They let you tap knowledge from a massive universe of business data – and take advantage of new digital technologies as we add them to SAP Leonardo.

Read the Q&A with SAP CEO Bill McDermott
Read the Q&A with SAP CEO Bill McDermott to get his perspective
on digital transformation and the future.

How to meet your business transformation goals

Digital business transformation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”. But challenges abound: From how to digitise IT and digitally interact with customers to how to integrate new digital services with existing products and solutions. Where do you start?

Assess your digital readiness

Is your organisation primed for digital transformation? Answer seven short questions to find out – and get a free customised IDC report based on qualitative research from over 400 industry peers. You’ll learn what steps you need to take to become a truly digital business.

Online courses

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, our free openSAP courses will guide you through key trends and concepts on your path to digitisation – and help you plan your next steps. Explore digital business design, the IoT, data science, and more.

Transformation navigator

Already an SAP customer? Get ready to accelerate your transformation journey with SAP Transformation Navigator. In just one hour, this self-service tool can help you create a product map, build a value-based business case, and chart your course to change.

Learn from the experts

Create and execute a successful e-business strategy – with transformation consulting services that leverage design thinking and industry best practices. Use them to rapidly build a prototype, develop a business case, create a technology blueprint and road map, and more.

Best practices for digital business

Understand and prepare for the impact digital disruption will have on your people, business, and IT department – and then use them for competitive advantage. These best practices point the way.

Bimodal IT & the intelligent enterprise

A bimodal style of IT management splits delivery into two distinct modes: one focused on keeping core processes running smoothly – and the other on the agile project and software delivery needed for business innovation in a fast-paced digital world.

How APIs bring agility to digital businesses

The companies that attract the best and brightest will win – and application programming interfaces (APIs) can help. These computer codes serve as a bridge between software applications, allowing developers to quickly build and integrate next-gen apps.

News and fresh perspectives


Meet the Intelligent Enterprise
The Intelligent Enterprise is the “logical consequence” of what happens when modern technology meets traditional business processes.

The business of being human
Robots, AI, and machine learning will ultimately take over rote tasks, forcing us to focus on what machines can’t do – hone the traits that make us human.

Think like a CIO
CIOs have always been urged to think like businesspeople. But as AI and machine learning take hold, now it’s time to learn some nerdy magic from CIOs.

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