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Davos, Switzerland

SAP at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Working on Better, Together

The theme of the 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is “History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies." This reinforces the need to focus on the how and now of building sustainable businesses. 


The World Economic Forum (WEF), established 50 years ago, is committed to improving the state of the world. As SAP celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022 with an enduring purpose of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives, the alignment with WEF is stronger than ever.

Since 2005, SAP and WEF have partnered on initiatives that are focused on the role of business in creating a better world for all. In order to truly impact sustainable change at a planetary scale, SAP – working together with our entire global ecosystem of customers, partners, and employees – is committed to reinventing business to be both profitable and sustainable. We see the annual meeting in Davos as essential to our collective progress.​


Purpose and Sustainability at SAP

Aspiring to a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. 

Our Delegates

In today's volatile world, doing business sustainably is an imperative. Businesses must manage both their profitability and sustainability for long-term success. 

Christian Klein
Chief Executive Officer

Companies today not only need to control their productivity and operating results, but also their green line. Across the business network and our broad solution portfolio, we provide the transparency to support our customers in tackling their biggest challenge: managing sustainability to achieve net zero – zero waste, zero emissions, and zero inequality.

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Julia White
Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer

We are here to help companies cultivate responsible, ethical, and inclusive supply chains. The combination of network collaboration and technology enables customers to achieve better visibility across their supply chain. As more and more companies reinvent their supply chains in this direction, true progress is possible.

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Sabine Bendiek
Chief People and Operating Officer and labour Relations Director

In the end, it’s all about people. Helping them grow and solve this world’s challenges requires sustainable and inclusive people management and the will to reinvent the way we work and operate through the lens of our people. Based on our own experience, we guide our customers and their people through transformation.

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Juergen Mueller
Chief Technology Officer​

The past two years have made it more than clear: companies need to be able to react fast to unforeseen events. We are here to help organisations steer their business in the most responsible and optimal way. A key enabler for this is technology, helping ensure that business processes are integrated and that decision-makers can act on real-time data. At the same time, we help our customers look beyond today and innovate for tomorrow.​

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Sebastian Steinhaeuser
Chief Strategy Officer

In a world where businesses need to transform faster than ever before, supply chains need to become more resilient, and sustainability needs to be embedded in every business process, technology is more important than ever. It helps the world run better and improves people’s lives. 

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SAP House Davos

In 2022, the Morosani Lounge will be converted into SAP House Davos. Located on the main promenade just a short walk from the congress centre, SAP House Davos is the primary venue where SAP will host intimate gatherings with customers, partners, and dignitaries attending the annual event. 

Join us for an exclusive tour of the SAP House at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022. 

Featured Sessions and Content

​Below are some of the sessions that SAP was involved in at the event.

WEF22 Davos E-Bike Tour

Community Activation

Join Head of NVT Sustainability Engagement Christian Boos and Co-Head of the Intelligent Enterprise Institute Stefan Schoepfel as they discuss sustainability topics with partners and customers on their way from Walldorf, Germany, to Davos, Switzerland.  

The Opportunity of Social Procurement

Speaker: Daniel Schmid

Due to the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, it may well be the end of the global supply chain as we know it. Against this backdrop, BCG and Yunus Social Business, under the patronage of SAP and the World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, developed a report on the opportunities of social procurement for resilient supply chains. Tune in and discover the $500 billion opportunity. 

Unlocking Digital Innovation for Net Zero

Speaker: Christian Klein

Digital technologies could help reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15% – one third of the 2030 global goal. With decarbonization road maps now clearer and more mature, businesses and governments must scale up digital innovation for net zero. What strategies, policies, and partnerships can accelerate progress?

Building Responsible Supply Networks

Moderator: Julia White

Research indicates that companies prioritizing social and sustainable procurement enjoy faster growth and higher valuations than other players in their sectors by a margin of 10% to 20%. How can manufacturing companies step up change to help make responsible and sustainable procurement the global norm?

Thoughts and reflections from SAP leadership at Davos

Geopolitics and Sustainability

Following Al Gore’s keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Christian Klein discusses how technology is key to solving the most pressing challenges of our time – from building resilient, sustainable supply chains to tackling climate change at scale.

Advanced Technology Issues

Juergen Mueller shares his thoughts on SAP’s role in providing carbon footprint transparency for product labels of the future as well as the need for companies to collaborate at conferences like WEF and via business networks to get to net zero emissions faster.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Julia White explains how companies can decrease risk, improve resilience, and enhance performance in this period of disruption by investing in responsible value chains. 

People are at the Center

Sabine Bendiek reflects on the “Future of Work in an Era of Rapid Change” breakfast at the SAP House at the World Economic Forum in Davos. She explains how all the participants from the morning event see the same challenges and opportunities related to hybrid work. 

Corporate Strategy

Sebastian Steinhaeuser shares how other participants at the World Economic Forum are looking to SAP to take the lead in providing the transparency they need to meet their sustainability targets. Specifically, he cites discussions with an electricity company.

Sustainability Drives Innovation

What does the future of sustainability look like? SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer Daniel Schmid shares the gist during the World Economic Forum at the SAP House in Davos. Hear his insights on the future of sustainability and the role of technology in shaping it.

See how SAP is partnering to deliver social impact

SAP India and Amul team up to transform the lives of 1.5 million Indians

SAP India and Amul are teaming up to deliver an inclusive and sustainable community development to 1.5 million Indian youths, women, and farmers.​

Forward together for an equitable future

We are powering equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and the green economy.

Bringing our best to the world

SAP celebrates 10 years of societal impact through the SAP Social Sabbatical program.

See how our customers are succeeding with sustainable business solutions from SAP

Learn how technology company Hitachi drives sustainable transformation, decarbonizing its business and value chain while delivering renewable energy to the world.

Discover how accessing data up and down the value chain shapes the way consumer products company Colgate-Palmolive does business, reimagining a healthier future for people, pets, and the planet. 

Explore how utility company Anglian Water fosters a flourishing environment, reducing its environmental footprint and making a positive difference in the communities it serves.

Find out how consumer goods company Unilever continues to pioneer positive impacts in its industry and beyond in the long term through sustainability metrics.


SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises

A single comprehensive cloud solution to address business sustainability.

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