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Forked path to lighthouse

Success Experiences 

Drive innovation with premium services that can help you tackle strategic challenges and business-wide transformation.

Move innovation from boardroom discussions to cost-saving, sales-driving results

The select success experience complements the essential and advanced success experiences, so you can take on complex projects across lines of business, functions, processes, and solutions.

Personalised experience

Get dedicated help from SAP experts who are integrated with your team to best understand your needs and help you succeed.

Tailored services

Receive premium services designed for your specific solution landscape and business goals to help accelerate outcomes and ROI.

Holistic focus

Benefit from end-to-end support provided through comprehensive engagements covering multiple cloud and hybrid landscapes and solutions.

What’s included in the select success experience?

Along with the services included in the essential experience, the select success experience provides premium services for more complex projects.

Strategic partnerships

SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveAttention

  • Personalised engagement
    Benefit from a multiyear, exclusive experience with a dedicated SAP team.
  • Holistic focus across your solution landscape
    Identify and manage challenges in multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios and cross-LoB solutions.
  • Tailored services for your individual needs
    Tackle your specific strategic challenges and opportunities to transform your entire business.

Targeted packages

SAP Business Journeys

  • individualised experience
    Receive a specific scope, timeline, and outcomes for a short-term engagement with SAP experts.
  • Comprehensive focus on all steps of your journey
    Address planning, execution, education, and guidance every step of the way.
  • Customised journeys for your individual needs
    Combine expertise and insight into targeted, consumable packages based on specific technical objectives or business outcomes.

We’re raising the bar on what it means to run best



return on investment.


faster innovation cycle.



faster implementation.

Looking for additional value from your SAP engagement?

Success Experience | Advanced
Extend the essential experience

Maximise business outcomes with personalised success plans and resources throughout the entire lifecycle of your SAP cloud solutions.

  • Reach your goals with focused guidance
  • Get advanced support and a personalised success plan
  • Maximise the value of your investment with expert help
Explore advanced experiences
Success Extensions
Get additional pre- and post-go-live services

Benefit from ongoing or one-time, targeted pre- and post-go-live services to help you realise lasting value from your SAP solutions.

  • Subscription-based services to help your business run smoother
  • Subscription-based services to support your cloud solutions
  • Fixed-scope services led by SAP experts
Explore success extensions
Success Services
Choose specific services, training, and partners

Select individual services, learning options, and partners that fit your projects and can help you achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.

  • Pick the individual services that best fit your needs for the projects you’re running today
  • Increase your software adoption and drive greater business outcomes and success through ongoing enablement of your team
  • Tap into our partner ecosystem for help building, deploying, and running the SAP solutions that best fit your needs
Explore success services

See how customers are realising business value with the select success experience

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Kurt Bauer
Global SVP of Premium Engagements, SAP
Delivering targeted outcomes with SAP Business Journeys

SAP Business Journeys provide a quick, clear path to help solve specific cross-company challenges with services and support offerings.

Derek Prior
Nonexecutive Director, Resulting Ltd.
Get the most value from SAP MaxAttention services

Find out how our customers benefit from SAP MaxAttention services and learn best practices on how to leverage SAP MaxAttention for your business.

Kurt Bauer
Global SVP of Premium Engagements, SAP
Maximise your cloud solution with SAP MaxAttention

Listen to Kurt Bauer, Global SVP at SAP, explain why so many of our customers trust SAP MaxAttention to help them transform into an intelligent enterprise.

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