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SAP Vehicle Insights

SAP Vehicle Insights: Create new business models with connected car analytics

Monitor live vehicle conditions and run powerful connected car analytics – with SAP Vehicle Insights. This cloud-based application can help you collect, map, store, and analyse vehicle and sensor data in real time. Integrate with automotive telematics data – as well as enterprise and customer data – to improve services and create new business models and opportunities.  

Why SAP Vehicle Insights?

Because an increasing number of cars and trucks are being outfitted with sensors – and the software can help you take full advantage of connected vehicle technology. Use SAP Vehicle Insights to optimise logistics, mobile services, fleet management, and more.

  • Harness real-time vehicle tracking, telematics, and sensor data
  • Gain powerful connected car analytics and predictive capabilities
  • Create new business models based on connected car technology
  • Run innovative IoT automotive processes on a flexible platform
  • Prototype and launch new IoT initiatives in 3 months or less – with the SAP Leonardo jump-start program

Explore the core capabilities of SAP Vehicle Insights

  • Sensor data management
    Collect, map, and store sensor data from connected
  • Real-time analytic insights
    Run real-time evaluations and predictions on vehicle, fleet, context, and business data.

  • Scalable platform
    Create connected car apps and run custom scenarios using a scalable development platform.

  • Data Visualisation Bring your sensor data to life with real-time data visualisation and modern UI technology.

What are the benefits of SAP Vehicle Insights ?

A wide range of companies – from fleet operators to farmers – can use our connected vehicle analytics to improve services, maximise  efficiency, and open new revenue streams. With SAP Vehicle Insights, customers can:

  • Combine sensor and telematics data with operational data in SAP Business Suite
  • Run real-time connected car analytics on structured and unstructured data
  • Create new business models and processes on a flexible and extensible platform
  • Use non-disruptive connected car technology to keep systems running smoothly
  • Reduce IoT automotive costs with improved operating efficiency and control  

Use Cases for Vehicle Insights with IoT


InnoJam hackathon with SAP & Volkswagen

InnoJam++ @CeBIT is always in a class of its own. But this year, the event was even more exciting because the SAP University Alliances’ hackathon partnered with Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers.

Driverless cars live up to the hype

Connected and driverless cars were the talk of this year’s International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany – and SAP’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions were at the heart of the buzz. Find out why – in this short video from SAP TV.  

The digital automotive network

The auto industry is evolving into a digital network where each player exchanges massive amounts of IoT data with partners – in real time. Learn how this shift is impacting automotive design, production, distribution, and retail.  


Expert Community


Vehicles That Can Sense More Than Any Driver

Connected vehicles have a 360-degree sense of the world around them and can absorb every bit of information about their surroundings – way more than any human driver.  

Volkswagen and SAP Kick-Off Programming Competition

The next 30 hours will see students developing prototypes for the connected car driver experience, KPI dashboards for fleet managers, and analytics-supported mobility.

I recently took part in a broadcast on game-changing car technology. It’s now possible to imagine a connected vehicle that speaks to roads, cities, and even to other cars.  
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