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Build seamless, personalised e-commerce experiences for your customers

Embrace a digital approach to commerce to deliver a eCommerce platform for the future

Companies struggle to implement efficient eCommerce platforms that support a frictionless buying experience. Succeeding requires delivering a holistic view of the customer engagement from information locked across a multitude of applications.

Embrace a digital-first approach to commerce

Integrate all your customer-centric applications and touch points to build a scalable, efficient e-commerce platform and attract and retain customers by delivering a superior customer experience that will differentiate you from the competition.  

  • Deliver a superior online buying experience to expand your competitive edge
  • Achieve a holistic view of customer engagements to better understand buying behaviour
  • Connect front-office e-commerce applications with back-office supplier, billing, and logistics systems seamlessly

Why SAP?

Deliver a personalised buying experience to engage, retain, and attract new customers while providing a consistent customer experience driven by a well-integrated and coordinated flow of information across the enterprise. Below are suggested solutions from SAP that are key to accelerating your eCommerce strategy.


SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Connect your business processes securely and exchange information across your ecosystem to meet customers’ expectations and respond to changing demands
  • Deliver a compelling shopping experience and scale it across all your brands
  • Support master data, shopping cart, and payment functionality

SAP Integration Suite

  • An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows you to seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes with tools and prebuilt content managed by SAP

SAP API Business Hub

  • Prebuilt integration content, connectors and APIs to accelerate integration between all your customer centric-applications, and touchpoints

See how our customers are succeeding with SAP


digital shopping experience.



increase in new registered customers.



to launch the first live autonomous store pilot.


view of customers.

The first cashier-free convenience store of the future

Valora is winning new customers daily by offering high-quality foods and beverages anytime – without the hassle of waiting in line at the cash register.

Find out how Valora is achieving its goals by using SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Integration Suite, and SAP API Management technology to connect SAP Customer Experience solutions, the SAP ERP application, and third-party systems.

“SAP Customer Experience solutions are helping us take retail to the next level in Switzerland. And, because we are using a combination of intelligent technologies integrated by SAP Business Technology Platform, we can continue to realise new business concepts in record time.”
Dirk Muehlhaeuser
Head of Retail IT, Valora Group

See how Insight created a one-stop e-procurement site to enable clients to manage subscriptions online.

  • Real-time online order checkout process
  • Improved data security and analytics
  • Faster time to value for clients to manage subscriptions and user licenses

Learn how Tessco built an e-commerce platform for the future to increase customer engagement and brand perception.

  • 3x faster product search results
  • 6x faster process of adding new products (SKUS)
  • 30% more efficient Web site checkout process

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