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What is SAP HANA Cloud?

SAP HANA Cloud is a single database as a service (DBaaS) foundation for modern applications and analytics across all enterprise data.

Our cloud-based data foundation modernizes how business decisions are made with live data

Build data solutions with cloud-native scalability, speed, and performance. With the SAP HANA Cloud database, you can gain trusted, business-ready information from a single solution while enabling security, privacy, and anonymization with proven enterprise reliability.

Power mission-critical applications and analytics with one solution

  • Deliver transactions and analytics simultaneously without data duplication
  • Build and run high-performance transactional applications and real-time analytics at petabyte scale

Seamlessly blend multi-model data to enhance business processes

  • Converge relational, graph, spatial, document store, and other capabilities
  • Develop smart applications with embedded machine learning and analyse sensitive data while protecting privacy 

Provide trusted performance for all data needs

  • Process mission-critical data at proven in-memory speed
  • Manage data more efficiently with integrated multi-tier storage

There have been times where the tool has inspired us in crazy ways we would never have thought of.

Mathis Friesel, Dota 2 Analyst, Team Liquid Watch the video

What's new in SAP HANA Cloud?

Hear the highlights about the latest release of SAP HANA Cloud.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP HANA Cloud

66% lower IT infrastructure costs

See how Costain makes transportation projects more efficient, while lowering emissions and saving public funds, with data virtualisation.

16 TB of compliance data managed

Find out how Banco Atlantida supports fast-scaling data volume with instant access, instead of needing a week to retrieve information.

78% reduction in operational downtime.

SAP HANA Cloud provides fast data access and data processing procedures for data-intensive operations.

Centralising data in the cloud

Learn how Mirgor gained greater transparency and insight by uniting its data across six business units and an ever-growing number of sources.

77% accuracy for explaining abnormal events

Discover how Motor Oil harnesses sensor data and uses it to monitor equipment health and predict potential malfunctions.

Make split second decisions

Team liquid uses SAP data and analytics solutions to show people the data, statistics, and information to build momentum and gain the edge to win.

Faster access to data-driven insights

Check out how Ottogi Corporation maintains a competitive edge through informed, data-driven business decisions.

30 GB of archived data per game analysed instantly

Assess how NHL coaches better direct team performance to beat their competition with high-quality and instantly accessible data.

Real-time hybrid database for faster and intelligent applications.

Nabin Poudel

CEO, Curl Labs

Reliable and Intelligent analytic appliance solution.

Paulo Moreno

Business Development Manager, Mitel

SAP HANA ‒ Great choice to solve all database business problems.

Sreedhar Sree

Senior Automation QA in Machine Learning, Wells Fargo

Outstanding product!

Godfrey Chimbalanga

Technical Quality Manager, Japan Tobacco International

Get started quickly and smoothly

Migrate from development to production with SAP HANA Cloud.

What are analysts saying?

The benefits of a unified cloud data platform

Check out how a unified cloud data platform can offer your organisation a better way to address business challenges and chart a clear course to the future.

SAP selected as a Leader in Forrester report

Discover how multimodel platforms help companies deliver real-time, consistent, and trusted data to support new business requirements.

SAP recognised as a Leader in cloud DBMS

See the Gartner evaluation of cloud DBMS vendors, and learn why Gartner named SAP a Leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems.*

Why move to SAP HANA Cloud?

Create an intelligent enterprise with SAP HANA Cloud

Speed is of the essence, agility in the face of change is key, and the ability to connect to all data types across sources and silos is critical for success. Find out how SAP moved core applications to the SAP HANA Cloud database to achieve these hallmarks of an intelligent enterprise – and why your business should make the move too.


Frequently Asked Questions

The top reasons for embracing cloud databases are faster access to data, consumption-based pricing, elastic scale, and a fully managed solution to reduce maintenance.

You can extend on-premise database landscapes to the cloud with expanded capacity for computing and storage to begin your cloud journey.

SAP HANA Cloud is the database management foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform. This platform encompasses database and data management, analytics, application development, and integration, as well as intelligent technologies.


The SAP HANA Cloud adapters are different from the Open Connectors in SAP Business Technology Platform, however. SAP HANA Cloud provides an SAP HANA Cloud smart data integration (SDI) adapter that integrates with the Open Connectors framework in SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP HANA Cloud is a single database that can serve many analytical and transactional use cases, including OLTP and OLAP. It adds flexibility for multimodel features, developing applications, and more.

The SAP HANA Cloud database offers the same power and performance that you might already be familiar with in the SAP HANA database. However, SAP HANA Cloud is built natively for the cloud, which means greater connectivity and several new features. It’s also a database as a service, offering greater flexibility.


With SAP HANA Cloud, you don’t have to worry about managing hardware, operating systems, backups, and other types of maintenance. All of this is taken care of by SAP.

SAP HANA Cloud can access SAP and third-party data management practices, including federation and replication methods. We use smart data access (SDA) and smart data integration (SDI) and access includes ODBC, REST, data provisioning agent (DPAgent), and JDBC.

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