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The New Imperative for Discrete Manufacturing

Join our webinar on Tuesday 11th September

  • Creating a new value proposition
  • Enabling a data driven approach
  • Establishing digitally-enhanced manufacturing

September 11th, 2018

14:00 CEST

live webinar

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Intelligently connect people, things, and businesses with the IoT

Run a fully connected enterprise with our Internet of Things (IoT) applications, platform, and technology. Build new business models, harness real-time intelligence, and support adaptive processes from core to edge.
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IoT applications

Our Internet of Things applications offer a wide range of functionality. Explore IoT software for predictive maintenance and service, in-memory asset intelligence, connected vehicle analytics, sensor and business data integration, and more. 

  • Enterprise-enabled
  • Integrated with business systems 
  • Value-focused for lines of business


IoT technologies

Develop, deploy, and manage your own IoT applications, and automate processes from the cloud to the edge, with our IoT platform – including SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation and SAP Leonardo IoT Edge.

  • On-premise or cloud deployment 
  • Integration with SAP and third-party applications
  • Computer, storage, and business semantics at the edge

IoT services

No matter where you are in your transformation journey, our experts can help you create and execute a successful IoT strategy
– and implement the right IoT applications and architecture for your business. 

  • Design thinking driven approach 
  • Accelerator packages for rapid start 
  • End-to-end, tailored IoT services


Solve your specific IoT needs

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Act on opportunities by coordinating knowledge in real-time

Succeeding with the Internet of Things is all about connectivity – allowing your devices to share important insights and tell you what they need to be efficient.

Improve business outcomes in a connected world

Using the IoT to deliver innovation and transformation can help you achieve sustainable value in a connected, digital, intelligent,
and networked environment.

Uncover and prepare for the future of the IoT

Embracing the opportunities of the IoT takes insight and flexibility. Discover what 21 academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, and writers think about the future of the IoT. 

Explore IoT and SAP Leonardo

Choose your SAP software for IoT

SAP Connected Goods

Connect, monitor, and control a large number of customer-facing products – such as beverage coolers, freezers, coffee makers, and vending machines. Connect IoT devices to your back-end systems, trigger alerts, and get actionable insight into product usage patterns, service, and quality.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Device insights
  • Back-end system integration 

SAP Vehicle Insights

Monitor live vehicle conditions and run powerful connected car analytics. The cloud-based app can help you collect, map, store, and analyse sensor data in real-time. Integrate with automotive telematics data to improve services and create new business models and opportunities.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Sensor data
  • Scalable platform
  • Analytics insights 
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SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

Bring your business operations together into a single collaborative work environment for people, things, and business processes using the Internet of Things. Utilise this digital operations centre for central control of different connected IoT solutions.

  • Cloud deployment 
  • Sensor data
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Actionable guidance

SAP IoT Application Enablement

Build your own IoT applications and leverage data management capabilities for massive volumes of IoT data. Access a toolkit of reusable microservices and application templates that enables a digital twin development approach based on your semantic “thing” model. 

  • Cloud deployment
  • Authorisation model by role, object, and group
  • Extensible, hierarchal model for sensor data
  • Automated, dynamic tiering for Big Data

What are leading analysts saying about the IoT?

Get the facts


lower maintenance cost to increase productivity improvement.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks


better worker safety or lower claims payout in insurance industry.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks


faster revenue growth than industry average based on new business models.

SAP Business Value Benchmarks

Evolve business processes to take action

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SAP Leonardo connects things with people and processes. Learn more about the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and how we're helping customers today.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Image of a blogger
Susan Galer
Marketing Strategy & Thought Leadership

Reinventing mobile to support IoT’s next billion

Cellular technology is what will support blockchain-enabled pharmaceutical supply chains, and machine learning in fashion retail stores.

Richard Howells
VP, Digital Supply Chain

From DaVinci to the Internet of Things

The IoT makes everything connected or connectable, from the products we make to the people that use them, and many of these devices have been around for centuries.

Stephan Gatien
Global Head of Telecommunications

The value of IoT for telecommunications

As pressure continues to mount on the telco industry, can it successfully surf the IoT wave and transform to succeed? Find out.

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